Good old Copenhagen 古き良きコペンハーゲン

A couple of weeks ago I went for a weekend to Copenhagen with some girlfriends. I visit Copenhagen at least once a year, preferably twice. It is so close to Sweden, it’s almost ridiculous and Copenhagen is such a nice and relaxed city.


Copenhagen is only 40 minutes by train away from Malmö in Sweden. My colleague and friend Joanna who works at our Malmö office came to join our little group and went with us for dinner. And did some trampoline jumping🙂


As always in Copenhagen, you get great food and great beer. We had to visit Mikkellers Öl & Bröd, which is the beer brand Mikkellers restaurant. Very very reasonable prices for great seasonal danish food. Nom nom…
いつものように、コペンハーゲンで食べたものすごく美味しかった。もちろん、MikkellerのÖl & Brödというレストランでディナーを楽しみに行くしかなかった。理想な値段で最高のスカンディナヴィア季節料理。美味しかった。。。


Another really nice thing about Copenhagen is that you can walk anywhere. But still there is always something new to discover. Until this time I’ve always stayed and spent most time in Westerbro, but now stayed in Norrebro. Norrebro also had many great cafes and second hand shops and next time I go to Copenhagen I’d like to explore further.


Actually, my mom and I already planned going to Copenhagen after summer. I’m looking forward already!

Stockholm isn’t that bad though. Last weekend we went to Rosendals Trädgård, which is a garden located at Djurgården in Stockholm. Great weather and a really lovely garden. I need to do more exploring at home too it seems. I mean, how cute isn’t that green house?
ストックホルムにもいいポイントがあるけどね。例えば、先週末 Rosendals Trädgårdという庭に行った。晴れて素敵なガーデンだった。多分だけど、ストックホルムももっと探検しなくちゃいけないかな。だって、この温室超可愛いくない?


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