When the light disappears 光が消えると

DSC_9306 (1)For a couple of weeks during fall, there is this really beautiful light lingering around like it was twilight all day. And then the light disappears, and doesn’t come back for another 5 months together with spring. At least that how it works in Sweden.
秋の数週間、とても美しい夕暮れみたいな光が毎日ある。そして光が消えて、三月まで5ヶ月間変えてこない。それはスウエーデンの条件。DSC_9294There are various ways of dealing with the dark winter. Eating a lot of vitamin D, trying to work out, making cookies and decorating are things that I’m trying this year. I can’t really stop buying plants and pots for my windows…
暗さと戦う技がある。ビタミンDをいっぱい飲んだり、運動したり、クッキーを作ったり、家のデコレーションをしたりするとか。私は今年植木を買うことを辞められない。DSC_9176 DSC_9220  It’s good that Christmas is coming soon. Gingerbread, saffron bread, decoration and lights here and there really brighten things up. And it’s really lucky that winter clothes tend to be more loose fitting and that you can hide in big cardigans. The minute it turns October my body decide to gain an extra 3 or 4 kilograms of fat – same story every year.
もうすぐクリスマスでよかった。ジンジャーブレッドやサフランパん、イルミネーションなどのおかげで元気が出る。冬の服は大きくてよかった。10月になると毎年3か4キロ太るから、緩いカーディガンとか助かる。DSC_9277  This time of the year I just want to hide away from everything and well I guess hibernate. It’s a bit sad though, that half of the year in this country is spent in hiding and hibernation. Or maybe it’s sort of nice? To relax and stay low for some months?
Anyhow, the other week I got myself a Chinese money plant (called Elefantöra in Swedish). They are adorable and every hipster has one. And they produce loads of little babies and are easy to look after. Mine is already growing a lot and I have around 10 little babies that will get big and thriving quite soon.
とにかく、この間ピレア ペペロミオイデスという植木を買ったの。とても可愛くて最近大人気。しかも面倒を見やすい、小さい子供をいっぱい作っている植木だから面白い。私が買った子はすでに大きくなって子供を10個ぐらい取れた。DSC_9374The only problem with getting loads of plants is that I only have two widows. Where should I put them all? I was planning on maybe putting a shelf in front of the window, so I get two window sills. But I haven’t been able to find a decent looking one that is not to wide – I don’t want it to take up too much space in the room. Any advice on solutions are welcome!
ただ一つの問題がある。植木をどこに置けばいいの?窓が2個しかなくてそろそろ入らない気がする。窓の前で棚を置こうかなと迷っていたけど、そうすると部屋が狭くなるからよくないかも。解決の相談ください!DSC_9347Anyhow, now I’m off inviting people to a little Christmas get-together in the middle of December. Those little things to look forward to mean a lot.
とにかくこれから12月の中旬のクリスマスパーティーの計画をする予定。大したもんじゃないのに、楽しみにできることがあるのは大事だね。DSC_9283 (1)

4 thoughts on “When the light disappears 光が消えると

    1. Thank you! Actually, I sold like 5 of the money plant babies online and got a profit big enough to justifying purchasing the mother plant😀

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