A weekend in Berlin ベルリンの週末旅行

DSC_8995 Last week we went on a 5 day trip to Berlin, Wednesday to Sunday. It was my first time in Berlin and we met up with a couple of German friends who organized a place for us to stay and took us around.
先週ベルリンへに水曜日から日曜日まで5日間の旅をした。ベルリンで初めてだったけど、全ての要約などをやってくれたドイツ人の友達と一緒に行った。DSC_9004 DSC_9005
We ate. A lot. There are so many good cafés in Berlin. And it’s extremely cheap. The alcohol and food, you can get by spending very little money. Berlin is also famous for its brunches and breakfasts, and I can see why. Very reasonable prices and a wide range to choose from.
いっぱい食べた。ベルリンにとてもいいカフェがたくさんある。しかも本当に安かった。アルコールもご飯、少なくお金を使ってもいっぱい出る。ベルリンの朝ごはんも有名らしい。値段も種類もいっぱいだった。DSC_9020 DSC_9025As for the appearance of the city, it’s interesting, large and friendly. There were loads of nice street art sites but not at all as dirty as many other Germans claim that it is. What also surprised me was how green Berlin is. Many streets are full of trees and plants and compared to for example Stockholm there is way more nature within the city.
ベルリンの街の雰囲気なんだけど、広くて、心地い感じだった。格好いいグラフィティーが結構あったが、よく言われるようにベルリンが汚いとは全く思わなかった。他のびっくりしたのは緑の多さ。例えばストックホルムと比べるとベルリンの道ほう木とかがたくさんあって落ち着いた感じがした。DSC_9034 DSC_9064The only touristy thing we did actually was to visit the wall, or what’s left of it. The remains act as an art gallery and is completely covered in paintings. ベルリンオールを見に行ったこと以外観光っぽいことしなかった。オールの残り分はアートギャラリーになっている。
DSC_9050DSC_9049Then we ate some more. And walked walked everywhere. The best way to enjoy a city is to walk around, that’s my opinion. But for sure, if we had wanted to we could have seen more.
あとはまた食べた。それと散歩した、どこにも。新しい町を楽しむことの一番いい作戦は散歩することだろう。でも逆に希望があったとしたら、もっと他の場所も見られたよね。DSC_9061  DSC_9073 DSC_9081The areas we spent most time in was Kreuzberg, Neukölln and Friedrichshain. We didn’t try much of the nightlife this time, which I have heard is supposed to be as good as everything else. I guess I just have to go one more time.
一番行った場所はKreuzberg, NeuköllnとFriedrichshainだった。有名なのに今回はナイトライフをあんまり試さなかった。もう一回行くしかないんだろう。DSC_9086
Cosy cafe in Friedrichshain, called Café Silo. They had the best coffee I had in Germany so far.
下の写真はFriedrichshainにあるカフェSiloだ。ドイツで飲んだコーヒーの中で今まで一番美味しかった。DSC_9091 DSC_9096 DSC_9097
And I guess that’s how it works with cities. It’s impossible to get the full picture in just a couple of days. I’d really like to go to Berlin again soon and try out the other parts and visit some places a second time.

6 thoughts on “A weekend in Berlin ベルリンの週末旅行

  1. Went out for a bike ride in the autumn sun this morning. Having just been outside seemed to give your post a special touch of enjoyment for me as I reviewed your wonderful pictures. You look particularly pleased sitting in your blue blouse. That is you, isn’t it? I’m not very good with faces so you’ll have to forgive me if its not you. To help, log into Desmond Tutu’s forgiveness challenge at: http://www.humanjourney.com/forgiveness/
    otherwise, thanks for your post and enjoy your day!

  2. Hellooo, I am Yuu(I know it’s a really confusing name when you say it in English. :p) and from Japan but currently student in U.S. I just found your blog and I love your pictures! You take really beautiful pictures🙂 I’d like to see more pictures. Do you have instagram?

    Also, you write well in English. I am so proud! I have been wanting to learn Swedish but any good tips for that?

    1. Hi and thanks for visiting my blog and for your compliments – I’m happy you like my photos! My instagram account is Sara_boy. Actually most Swedes speak English really well. Why do you want to learn Swedish btw?

  3. Sorry, I ment you spoke “Japanese” pretty well🙂 How did you learn?

    I want to learn Swedish because I have some swedish friends and am interested in their culture. Also, I like how swedish sounds, sounds like melody to me ♫🙂

    1. Haha that’s what I thought😀 Well, I studied in Japan for 2 years and also met my boyfriend there who I brought back to Sweden. So we speak Japanese everyday basically. But blogging in Japanese really makes it easier to keep my knowledge🙂 Hm, maybe you should watch some Swedish TV-series? Also listening to Swedish music could be a good way!

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