Life on the lake 湖の生活

DSC_8922The last weeks have been so warm. But now, finally, on September 1st the temperature got down a bit. It rained for the first time in weeks today. And it was dark when I left the office (later than usual but still). I always feel relieved when autumn comes. Expectations from summer go away and cozy tea times are ahead. I told my neighbor this once, that I almost like it when summer goes away because it removes the pressure feeling that I have to make the most out of summer. Her reply, which strikes me as rather spot on, was “that’s one way to ruin life alright”.
最近とても暑かった。でもやっと今日、9月1日に涼しくなった。久しぶりに雨も降った。仕事から帰ったら外暗かった(普通よりおそく帰ったけど)。秋が来るといつもホッとする。夏の期待が消えて心地いい中で紅茶を飲む時期が始まる。夏が終わると、夏をできるだけ楽しめなくちゃいけないという気持ちが消えると安心することを隣のおばさんに教えたら、面白い返事がきた。それは人生を台無しにする一つの方法だね、って。まあ、それはそうだろう。DSC_8930In any case, almost the entire August was really warm and summery. I had some great days at my parents place and by our summer house at the island in a lake. Late summer twilight is rather stunning I think.
とにかく八月のほとんどはとても暑くて夏っぽかった。実家と別荘で素敵な日々を過ごせた。残暑の夕暮れは最高だと思う。DSC_8970Maybe I’m just ridiculous and  being a drama queen, but this summer I think I changed quite a deal. At least my worldview did. I’ve gone to feeling a lot more negative and serious about my surroundings. Maybe it has to do with buying an apartment, since having a huge mortgage puts me in a much more vulnerable situation. That fact combined with being a born pessimist makes me imagine all these horrible scenarios that could occur.

DSC_8946I know I worry way too much. About everything. When I’m stressed at work I feel sooo worried that things will go bad if I miss deadlines and that clients will be unhappy. It’s unfair in a sense I think, as much as too much work load can make you hit a wall, worrying too much probably can. People who naturally have this “let’s just take it as it comes” attitude probably are better off. I need to relax more.
心配しすぎるとわかっているけどね。なんでもについて。たまに仕事の心配で気が狂っている。クライアントさんをがっかりさせたり締め切りを超えたりなどの心配がすごくきつい。ちょっと不公平じゃない?仕事の量が多すぎるとやばいのは決まっているけど、心配のもストレスの一文となるんだろう。きっと、心配しず問題が起きた場合その時解く人の方が元気だろう。問題が起きた前に超心配する私のと比べる。もっとリラックスしようぜ。DSC_8949DSC_8927DSC_8943Let’s talk about cookies instead. Baking makes me relax and is like therapy to me.
クックーの話に参りましょう。ベイキングすると落ちつけられる私にとって治療みたい。 DSC_8942I found this cookie recipe in last years Kinfolk winter edition. Pistachio and rose water cookies. My mum often tells me when I have baked something “this is the best thing I’ve eaten in my entire life”. It’s not too convincing when she says it like once a week, but for these cookies I think she means it. I’ve made them 3 times already and she can’t stop talking about them. And actually, the are flippin’ awesome. The recipe is HERE and it’s super easy to make. Please make them, you wont regret it.
この間Kinfolkという新聞でこのクッキーのレシピを見つけた。ピスタチオとローズウォーター味の。ベイキングするとき、いつもお母さんにこれは今まで食べた一番美味しいものだったとよく言われる。毎回違うものについていうからあまり信用できないけど、今回本気だろう。3回作ったことがあって、本当にこのクッキー、母さんが気に入ってる。本当にうまいよ。作るのも結構簡単だし。作って見たら?DSC_8897(1)I also tried to swap pistachios for almonds and rosewater for orange blossom water. It worked out nicely but I still prefer pistachio.

Tomorrow I have a conference I need to attend. I will try to relax and only listen to what people say and enjoy the in between session coffee.
明日はコンフェランスに参加する。人の講義を聞いたり、リラックスしてもらうコーヒーを楽しもうとする。DSC_8893(1) copyDSC_8925

6 thoughts on “Life on the lake 湖の生活

  1. Sadly, I’m allergic to Pistachio. But I actually write this comment to ask, “Are there really any people who have a “let’s just take it as it comes” attitude?” I don’t believe I’ve ever met anyone like that. Those who seemed to be that way were soon discovered to be lacking in empathy. If you had a problem they were the last ones you’d want to tell because “problems” just didn’t register with them. Their “let’s just take it as it comes” attitude was really just an excuse for ignoring others.

    PS Your 4th picture of the rocks reminds me of one I took at Lighthouse Park. Just might use it in my next posting. My pic, that is. I’ll not infringe on your copyright. Be well. Keep baking.

    1. I made the same cookies with almonds and it worked out well actually🙂
      (Sorry for the late reply btw, I somehow missed your comment here…)

      Hm maybe you are right. But some people just seem to worry less about problems that aren’t “real” and things that might not even happen, unlike. In those cases it feels like rather than lacking empathy they are hm, how to put it, smarter? Or wiser.

      I googled the lighthouse park, it looks nice. I’d like to go there some day.

  2. There must something about the summer of 2015, it has left me a little more negative too. Still, it is good that you remember the happy things in life — September is a good time for tea and baked goods!

    1. Hm I see, maybe it’s the general situation in the world with refugees and increased racism (at least this goes for Europe), economic instability and so on that makes everything look a bit more gloomy…😦

  3. Yes, relaxing and not worrying too much about stuff in the near or far future is something I also need to get a bit better at. Well at least we had a few relaxing days together in Berlin🙂 And yeah, baking always helps. And eating!

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