Cat sitting 猫シッター

DSC_8056The last weeks have been quite confusing. Finally we bought an apartment! It happened really quickly – once we had the highest bid on an apartment it only took a day or two before we signed, and a week until all the papers were arranged with the bank. Actually we are moving in to the new apartment in 1 week. It feels sort of surreal, and a bit stressful to have time to pack everything and clean out our current apartment but I’m sure it will be fine!

DSC_8041Anyhow, this guy on the photos is my colleague’s Norwegian forest cat Jamie-Lee. When the colleague was a week of vacation, we got the honorable mission to cat sit Jamie. We stayed in the colleague’s apartment during the time and I really appreciated suddenly having only 20 minutes to work instead of 1 hour. I really can’t wait to move!

20150609_205021The colleague’s apartment is really nice, being on the 8th floor the view of Stockholm is amazing. And just a couple of hundred meters away from the apartment is the water.
同僚のアパートとてもよかった。8階だからストックホルムの景色が最高。水も近かったし。DSC_8046 DSC_8053DSC_8061Tomorrow is Midsummer eve, the lightest day of the year. Of course it is going to rain though, as usual. But in two weeks my 4 weeks long paid summer holidays start and I intend to stay in Sweden (besides from a couple of days in Denmark) so lets hope for good weather! Also, the summer sale is on now, which is really nice. A bit dangerous though since I really should spend my money on furniture rather than clothes at this time. Well well, that’s another week ahead🙂


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