Trees and port wine in Copenhagen コペンハーゲンで木とポートワイン

DSC_7871 (1)Two weekends ago my mother and I went for a weekend trip to Copenhagen. It was the first time actually, that I travelled alone with my mum. I have 3 siblings so usually more people come along on any trip, but this time it was the just the two of us. But we are very alike and share many interests so it ended up to be a really nice journey. Nature, old houses, good coffee, good food, good cake are things we both like. Speaking of which, I will need to try making rhubarb cheesecake this weekend. The one we had in Copenhagen at Café Kaffestuen in Vesterbro was delicious. And so was their coffee!

Anyhow. My mum and I took the train a bit north of Copenhagen to Klampenborg. Just walking around randomly along the shore we found this hollow oak. Several hundreds of years old it has served as both storage for peat and also as a home for some guy back in the days. I also want to live in a tree🙂
とにかく、母親とコペンハーゲンより少し来たある郊外に電車で行った。適当に歩いててこの中ががらんどうのオークを見つけた。数百歳になる木、泥炭のストレージや人の家の機能があった。DSC_7864(1) (1) DSC_7867(1) That tree sure was  spectacular. And there was more lovely nature areas in Klampenborg, perfect for strolling around on a sunny May afternoon.

DSC_7868DSC_7873This house, we came upon in the middle of the forest. It was a restaurant, called The Red Cottage. Unluckily they weren’t open. But the neighboring restaurant The Yellow Cottage  was (no picture sadly) so we had lunch there with a great view of the Öresund strait with Sweden on the other side.
この家、森の中で見つけた。Red Cottageといレストランだった。残念ながらやっていなかった。でも、隣にYellow Cottageという同じ程度の可愛さのレストランもあった(写真撮り忘れた)。そこでランチ食べながら、スウェーデンとデンマークの間エーレスンド海峡の景色を楽しんだ。

DSC_7874(1) DSC_7879Another really nice thing about this journey was the port wine bar at Kingosgade street that we stumbled upon. I had forgotten how nice port wine is! And it’s another interest that my mother and I shared, so on our 3 day long stay we made sure to visit the bar twice🙂
旅のもう一つ面白いポイントは突然見つけたポートワインバーだ。最近、ポートワインのうまさを忘れてしいた!明らかにそのポートワインも母と共通の趣味だから三日間の旅行、そのバーに2回行った:)DSC_7850 So if you go visit Copenhagen, you may also take a little trip to Klampenborg to enjoy the sea and the nature and you really ought to go and have port wine in Vesterbro. But one thing I do not recommend but all tourists do is to go look at the Little Mermaid statue. I mean, I don’t dislike the statue itself, but what about the background? I can’t really imagine a worse place for this piece. Well well. In any case, I will probably return to Copenhagen again this summer. It’s too nice and too close not to. Until then I’ll just continue hunting for an apartment and trying not to stress out too much…

6 thoughts on “Trees and port wine in Copenhagen コペンハーゲンで木とポートワイン

  1. Oh boy, I looooove rhubarb cake! I shall make some before end oft rhubarb season. You’re lucky to live so near Kopenhagen. I’d linke to see it soon, too. But maybe rather with Moritz than my mother… Unlike you my mother and me are way to different. I like to see every nice city on this planet while my mum rather hangs out two Werks in some egyptian or spanish beach or an austrian wellness hotel…

    1. Hm, I wouldn’t mind going to an Austrian wellness hotel though! Do they serve cake? Maybe I should bring your mum on my next trip😉

  2. Just thought I’d mention that the leaves of the rhubarb plant are poisonous. You can actually boil them and then strain the liquid into a spray jar to use on plants being eaten by aphids and other insects. It’s a natural pesticide. But otherwise stay away from them!

    1. Oh that’s interesting! I’ve never heard of the pesticide effect – I might give it a try! Some people also claim that rhubarbs go poisonous after midsummer. I’ve tried to google that but haven’t been able to confirm it. Anyhow, I’d better eat loads of them before then! (Not the leaves though ;))

    1. Thank you! Yes, the tree was very fascinating🙂 It was so huge and you could really feel how old it is…

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