Kimchi and Cherry Blossoms キムチと桜

The days are going by, spring has arrived and we are still looking for an apartment. Places similar to the ones we looked at a couple of months ago have gone up by 20% in price. We went to look at 6 apartments today, but none felt perfect. It’s frustrating really, knowing that the more we wait the more expensive it will get. But still, it doesn’t feel right to just buy something random because we feel we need to.
DSC_7778_1Meanwhile work and working out is taking up most of the time as usual only to be sometimes interrupted by the occasional cafe visit. In central Stockholm, Kungsträdgården, there is a park famous for its cherry blossom trees. They are really popular and this week they were at full bloom.
IMG_20150426_210653DSC_7798The cherry blossoms really give me mixed feelings. They remind me of the good times in Japan and the fact that I’m doing something different somewhere else right now. At least looking back at it now, times in Japan feels so much more fun than whatever I’m doing now. And of course, like the Japanese say, the fact that the cherry blossom bloom and wither so quickly reminds me of how short spring and good things in general are…
桜はね、複雑な心境を起こさせる。日本のいい時を思い出させ、今違うことをやっているのは明らかになりすぎ。今考えると日本の生活のは今より楽しかっただろうね。そしてもちろん、いつも桜が見る感情だけど、春や人生のいいことが桜ほど速く萎れるっていうか。。。DSC_7782_1So now to another topic. I started making kimchi – fermented cabbage. It’s a Korean food but very common in Japan which is why I’ve eaten it a lot back in the days. And since one of my strong personality traits include almost over doing whatever hobby I start, I’m making it too often and too much. It’s the perfect food project really, it only takes a week from you make it until it’s ready, it’s tasty, it’s healthy, the flavor changes over time depending on how “old” the kimchi is, and it’s sort of alive – like sourdough (another food hobby I occasionally get too deep into) full of friendly bacteria. I was really surprised the first time I made kimchi to notice that it smells like yoghurt. But it’s the same bacteria so it makes sense really🙂
もう違う話題にしよう。最近キムチを作り始めた。日本でよく食べたけど、スウェーデンにはほとんどない。私の人格的な特徴の一つは趣味をスタートすれば必ずやりすぎることだから、キムチを超作りまくっている。面白さ的に料理のプロジェクトとして完璧な食べ物だよ、実は。作るからできるまで一週間しかかからないし、美味しいし、ヘルシーだし、熟成の程度次第味が変わるし、サワードウみたいに生きていてヘルシーなバクテリアがいっぱい入っているし。初めて作ったら驚いたのは香りはヨーグルトと近い。同じバクテリアだからだって:)DSC_7727_1You can eat the kimchi as it is, as a side dish or on top of rice or with wheat berries like this dish below I ate last Monday:
キムチをもちろんそのまま食べてもいいし、この間小麦ベリーとサラダと一緒に食べても美味しい。DSC_7772And there are loads of other ways to eat it, and one of my favorites is Kimchi fried rice. There are loads of recipes online, but basically you just stir fry the kimchi for a while with some veggies and boiled rice and any other tasty thing you can come up with. And kimchi goes so well with eggs! Here is Kimchi fried rice with shrimps.
他の食べ方もいっぱいある、もちろん。最近のお気に入りはキムチフライドライス。ネットでレシピがいっぱいあるけど、ただキムチを野菜とご飯と一緒に焼いて上に卵かけたらなんとかなる。これはエビキムチフライドライス:DSC_7721 And here is today’s dinner, Kimchi fried rice with asparagus:
そして今日の夜ごはん、アスパラキムチフライドライス:DSC_7824Yesterday we ate fried Salmon and together with it I made a kimchi coleslaw thingy where I mixed chopped kimchi with creme fraiche and some mayo – it was great! Well enough about kimchi. In a couple of weeks I’m probably overdoing some other kind of food… That’s it for this time. Who knows, maybe I own an apartment next time I write…

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