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DSC_7252You know, looking for a place to live makes you kind of messed up. I’ve always been interested in houses, but the last months’ intense search for an apartment has made me hooked on buildings and houses of all kinds.  And it’s so annoying how houses like this above and the one above cost maybe a third of a decent 2 room apartment in sort of central Stockholm.


DSC_7245However if you want to buy a house in Stockholm though that’s pretty it will turn quite expensive. While on a walk with a friend the other week we came across this one, which I recognized as Björn Ulvaeus’ (one of the guys in ABBA) house. I don’t want to think about how much it costs…

でも、ストックホルムで家を買おうとしたら、超高くなる。この間友達と散歩したら下記の家を見た。アッバの一人男の家だって。値段知りたくない。DSC_7163The most likely scenario for my future living situation though is that we will have one apartment and one summer house. It’s no big deal finding a small nice summer house by a lake or so in Sweden, there are loads of them. And I can’t imagine not being able to go to the countryside once in a while and lacking a garden, for example.


DSC_7251 (1)But first things first. Getting an apartment, aye. Well, the prices are going up and up and it’s uncertain if the bubble will burst or not. Before to long one of these yellow things will cost millions as long as it’s located in a nice central spot in Stockholm. Maybe I can just bring it? Stressful indeed, is what this is.


9 thoughts on “Houses 家

  1. I remember looking (with my wife) for our first house. It was stressful then, but looking back it should have been less so. The market was (and still is) very expensive. I like your plan of an apartment plus a summer house – a lot of people in Ontario, Canada do something similar. Good luck!

    1. I guess you are right, once we have found our place we will be able to calm down a bit. Do you also have a summer house then?

  2. On my bike rides I looking at homes like the ones you’ve photographed. I wonder about their history. Who lived in them. What it was like to grow up in them 50 years ago. That kind of thing.

    Other times I see apple trees standing alone in a field, the only reminder of a home that was torn down years ago and of past families that once collected the fruit in summer’s past.

    Everything fades in time, which is why its so important to live today.

    Thanks for the tour! And good luck in finding your dream home(s)!

    1. Thank you🙂 I also wonder about those things, and I guess that is why I’ve always figured I’d like to live in a old house. The older the better, the more beautiful and the more history🙂

  3. Unfortunately we don’t have that summer house thing in Germany, which is relly a pitty, because it’s the best way to be abled to live in the city and still have your own little place in the countyside.

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