Semla and brighter times セムラと明るい時

DSC_7008Although spring is still far away the speed with which it gets brighter every day really lighten things up. Today it was even bright outside when I left work at 5 pm – amazing really, just like the fact that it was bright when I woke up. It’s almost surreal, was it really ever this bright?, I catch myself thinking…

The increasing light is not the only thing that feels so typical about Swedish late winter. There is also the Semla. The awesome cake eaten from around January to Easter. Sweet bread stuffed with almond paste and cream. I made these and brought to work the other week, they were appreciated🙂
でも、いいことの仲明るさだけじゃなくて、セムラもあるね。アーモンドペーストとクリームが入ってる甘いパンのスウェーデンの伝統的な長美味しいケーキだ。この間作って仕事に持っていった。喜んでくれた、同僚は:) DSC_7010Some weekends ago we took a walk around the bay some kilometer from our apartment. Pretty nice – I imagine it must be even nicer in spring and summer. I can’t stop getting surprised by the amount of water bodies in Stockholm. The water really is everywhere.
この間アパートの近くにある湾で散歩した。景色結構良かったし、春や夏になったらもっといいんだろう。ストックホルムに本当に湖や海どこにもあるぐらい。まだびっくりする。DSC_7042 DSC_7043Besides the occasional promenade, I do what I always do. Work and cook and bake. And to be frank I really enjoy work at the moment. It’s really fun and great and challenging. Only add some spring to this and things will be great🙂 散歩以外、いつもの通りの生活だね。仕事、料理、ベーキング。仕事は今超面白い。楽しいし、やりがいがあるし。ただ春が着たらいいな!
DSC_7038 DSC_7039

One thought on “Semla and brighter times セムラと明るい時

  1. Here in Vancouver spring arrived the day before Valentine’s Day with crocuses blooming, cherry blossoms blossoming, birds singing love songs and temperatures to warm for snow. No doubt this latter item will leave us with little drinking water this summer but for the time being we’re all enjoying the early season. Stay Golden!

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