Covered in snow, eating homemade tortillas 雪で覆われる、手作りトルティーヤを食べる。

DSC_6895Now, when we enter February winter decides to come for real. The world is covered in a thick white blanket and it doesn’t seem to want to stop snowing. Meanwhile, life continues as usual, only that public transport moves a bit slower due to the weather conditions. Oh, and I learnt how to make tortillas. I don’t know if it’s the traditional way to make them, but they are incredibly tasty and soft and surprisingly easy to make! Here’s the recipe!

 Around 12-15 tortillas 12-15枚分:
– 600 ml wheat flour 600ミリ小麦粉
– 70 ml olive oil 70ミリオリーブオイル
– 200 ml warm water 200温かい水
– 1 teaspoon salt 1茶さじ塩
– 1 teaspoon baking powder 1茶さじベーキングパウダー

Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl, combine and knead until the dough is smooth and shiny, around 3 minutes. Let the dough rest for 15 minutes, covered. Make little balls of the dough and shape into tortillas using a rolling pin. Make them as thin as possible. Thanks to the olive oil it’s easy to shape the tortillas, they don’t break despite made really thin. When done shaping the first tortilla, bake it straight away in a frying pan on medium heat, 1 minute on each side. While baking, start shaping the next tortilla and so on. Keep them warm on a plate in the oven, on 100 degrees Celsius.

DSC_6937This weekend I spent at my parents’ place again. The snow and the silence of the countryside is really nice and relaxing. Which is good, because work is really busy. Yup, it’s almost bedtime already, gotta go!
今週末また実家に行った。田舎の雪、静かさ気持ちいいリラックスできる雰囲気だ。最近仕事忙しいから丁度良かった。そうな、もう寝る時間、またね!DSC_6993DSC_6983 DSC_6991 DSC_6992 DSC_6789

4 thoughts on “Covered in snow, eating homemade tortillas 雪で覆われる、手作りトルティーヤを食べる。

  1. I’m not an expert on tortillas, but the colours look so vibrant. My guess is that it is very flavourful. I find that winter without some snow is a little weird. (We got 20 cm of snow yesterday.) I like your winter scenery photos, although I think the one of the cat (is that Marcel?) is my favourite.

    1. Thank you! Yes that is Marcel allright🙂 He’s great to take pictures of, somehow he has camera angels like no other cats ^_^

  2. So. Fueled on tortillas I imagine you trekking across the snow to get closer to the red house after seeing it across the field. Or is that a frozen lake?

    Then there’s the cat. Must be difficult to take a picture of your reflection with him always getting in the way. 🙂

    1. It’s just fields actually! In Sweden the houses in the countryside are separated by fields, totally different to for example in Germany where there are houses in small villages and fields in between the villages🙂 Haha yeah, Marcel has a tendency to get in the way. Sometimes he occupies the entire kitchen table…😉

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