Things for my home bought in Japan 日本でしたインテリア買い物

DSC_6870So, I’m back on track, back after the holidays and back to work in Sweden. It felt good to be back to work. My colleagues are nice, the work tasks are interesting and we got a new coffee machine. What more to ask for? The only thing lacking now is a better apartment. I’m slowly realizing that I will have to do what everybody else in Stockholm does, save loads of cash to buy an over priced apartment. The goal is to buy one in a year or so. And as I’ve been talking about previously I’ve sort of been lacking a goal in my life. Now I found a new one, and it feels good. But I don’t know, at the same time it feels sort of messed up to spend millions on an apartment in Stockholm, where the price is 3 times higher than in for example Malmö. Do I really want to spend my life here? I’m not sure… Anyhow, saving money will get me an apartment anywhere, so at least I can continue with that goal without knowing for sure where to live.

Anyhow, while saving up for an apartment I’m still improving the small one we live in temporarily at the moment. I bought quite alot of stuff in Japan, especially kitchenware. The kitchen is the best place in this apartment and I love cooking, so it sort of goes without saying that I’m always on the lookout for kitchenware. The other week my sweet cousin said to me “Sara can’t you post pictures of what you bought in Japan on your blog?”. She is very fond of Japan and shopping and especially shopping in Japan. Well why not?, I thought. Maybe someone else might also like to get some inspiration or whatever from Japanese interior goods.
とにかく新しいアパートのお金をためる間現在住んでる小さいアパートを出来るだけ心地よくしないと。日本でインテリアのものを結構買った。このアパートの一番良いポイントはキチンで私が料理するのが大好きだから、キチンようのものをいっぱい買ってしまったことが仕方ない。いつもキチンで使えるものを探し中。この間従姉妹が面白いお願いを行った:”サーラ、ボルグで日本で買ったものの写真を載せてくれない?”だって。従姉妹も買い物と日本が大好きで特に日本の買い物が進めだ。まあ、良いんじゃない?と私が思って、今日日本でした買い物について少し書く予定。もしかして、ほかの読者にも少しインスピレーションとかになるかな。DSC_6863Everytime I go to Japan I buy plenty of bowls and little plates. They are so convenient for everything, from oatmeal to rice and soup and I use them on a daily basis. This time I found Mt. Fuji plates, in a 100 yen shop! (100 yen = 0,7 euros or 1 USD approx). So, each plate was really cheap, but aren’t the cute? Also, I’m sort of hooked on wooden kitchenware lately, which is why I got wooden bowls and utensils and also a couple of nice trays.
日本に行くと必ず小皿と茶碗を買う。 オートミールからご飯やスープなど何でもに使えてとても便利な毎日使うものだ。今回超可愛い富士山の皿を見つけた。しかも百円ショップで!後、最近木製食器に少しはまったからボールやフォーク、スプーン、トレーを買ってきた。DSC_6859Yesterday’s dinner was traditional Japanese food. Salad, rice, miso soup, salmon, salmon roe and pumpkin. Using the new tray and some new bowls🙂
昨日のディナーは定食だった。サラダ、ご飯、味噌汁、焼きサーモン、いくら、南瓜。新しいトレーと茶碗を使って:)。DSC_6872Also I love teapots. And this one was just too simple and user friendly not to buy. Right now I’m drinking Hojicha from this teapot. I also bought this tea jar in Kagurazaka. In traditional Japanese fashion, covered in paper. But yet the pattern is a bit special, kind of modern ish and I just fell for it. I have way too many teapots and tea jars but it can’t be helped.
DSC_6882One of my favorite Japanese foods is Nabe. Which just means pot, basically. It’s a simple dish, you use some kind of broth or soup and boil vegetables and meat in it. The shape of the pot is a bit special though and you can’t really find in Sweden. Hence, we got a metallic one in Japan and we used it already to make sesame soy milk nabe with mushrooms, cabbage and tofu. Seriously, so tasty!
日本の食べ物の中一番好きなものの一つは鍋だ。シンプルで美味しい。土鍋の形が少し特別でスウェーデンでは買えない。だから日本で金属土鍋を買った。すでに使って、この間キノコと豆腐入り豆乳ゴマ鍋を作った。美味しかった!DSC_6876DSC_6747DSC_6873I’ve stepped up my Japanese cooking skills this winter. I got a couple of cookbooks and especially the left one, The basics of Japanese food, has taught me a lot about finding those great fundamental subtle Japanese flavors. Like how to make the perfect miso soup. It’s not hard, but you need to do it right and use the right ingredients. The right book is about noodles, I’m yet to try the recipes, maybe tomorrow!

Last but not least, we also bought a steam vaporizer. Or rather my boyfriend did. The air in Sweden is very dry and he says it messes his throat up. This vaporizer is kind of cute and also has the function of a lamp so I don’t mind. In the water you can also add some discrete perfume oil so that the room smells nice and fresh. Yes, this little machine is an accepted friend in our household.

3 thoughts on “Things for my home bought in Japan 日本でしたインテリア買い物

  1. The japanese kithenware is really beautiful! I think I would have to travel to Japan with at least one empty trunk, so I could buy loads of stuff!
    I totally share your feelings about buying/not buying an appartment! Munich is, besides Frankfurt, Germany’s most expensive city with real estate pricess up to 10 times higher than maybe in eastern Germany areas. Problem: no jobs to find in eastern Germany but plenty in Munich…

    1. Thank you! Travelling to Japan is really dangerous for your wallet! I buy way too much everytime I’m there😦 And yeah… housing situation sucks. But your current apartment is great! I really love it🙂

  2. I always love reading your posts, even if it takes some time to get to, and this post is no different. The teapot is great and the Nabe makes me hungry. But as to living space, well. It’s the same everywhere, isn’t it. Prices have been artificially inflated by speculators and corporations that buy rentals then redo them so no one can afford them anymore. I just heard a report from London saying this was so and here in Vancouver a small house costs a million dollars. When will it end? No. Seriously. Tell me when it will end🙂

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