Tokyo Mozaik 東京モザイク

DSC_6613I came home from Japan the day before yesterday. The trip already feels like a dream. We spent New Years relaxing, and frankly besides visiting the hot spring hotel we walked around town, did some shopping, met friends, went for dinner and ate amazing stuff – took it easy. Now, I’m kind of jet lagged, tired from working. And my only New Years resolution this year is to get more sleep. So this post wont contain too much text, I’ll let the photos do most of the talking🙂
DSC_6592Like this awesome cake set, one cheese cake and one yuzu cake. Observe the cute way of serving it.
DSC_6598Heading for a bar in Shibuya. Walking around in Tokyo’s various city centers, like Shibuya or Tokyo, Sweden and Stockholm really feels tiny.
渋谷で居酒屋に向かっている旬間。渋谷や新宿で歩いたら、スウェーデンとストックホルム本当に小さく感じる。DSC_6738  Eating Amazing food, that is quite cheap. The food must be one of the best things about Japan, doubtlessly.
日本でうまい食べ物がいっぱいあるし、あまり高くない。日本の一番良いポイントの一つだね、料理は。DSC_6603In Japan people eat strawberry cake on Christmas. That’s what Swedes eat at midsummer. Confusing, but I never say no to cake🙂
クリスマスに日本人はイチゴケーキを食べる。スウェーデン人はミッドサマーにイチゴケーキを食べる。混乱させるが、ケーキがあるなら食べないわけないからね:)DSC_6605Needless to say, sushi.  そしてもちろん寿司。DSC_6609And good cake and coffee with stylish tableware at a friend’s house.
と友達の家で美味しいケーキやコーヒー。おしゃれだねーDSC_6611And pancakes are very popular in Japan at the moment.
今日本でパンケーキが流行ってる。DSC_6612  I met up with Kotomi to have some.
だからことみちゃんと食べに行った。DSC_6619And with Yurika to have kinako mochi.
それでゆりかチャンと黄な粉もちを食べに行った。DSC_6634 And with Yukari and her super cute daughter Rena for some ice cream.
DSC_6641Tokyo Station was built 100 years ago. It’s a nice contrast to the surrounding fancy office skyscrapers.
DSC_6668A nice thing to do in Japan is to eat things with unusual flavorings. Like Häagen-Dazs with sweet potato, sweet soybean or pumpkin taste.
日本のお菓子が色々面白い味する。例えばスイートポテトや南瓜や小豆のアイス。珍しい、スウェーデンに絶対にない。味わうのは楽しい!DSC_6678Also Japanese new years food is kind of special. A stackable box full of vegetables and seafood. And of course the Osoni, broth soup with mochi.
もちろん日本のお正月の食べ物、御節。とお雑煮。餅大好き!DSC_6692Visitng the a shrine during some of the first days of the new year is mandatory. Praying for a good year to come. 初詣も行かなくちゃ行けないよね。いい雰囲気だし。DSC_6711 And then it’s back to having more sweets with friends🙂
そしてまた友達とカフェに。DSC_6718 Or just shopping. Uniqlo is a  favorite, cheap, basic and good quality.
や買い物。Uniqloは進め、安い、質がいいから。DSC_6736And here we go, last picture. A salad. So simple, subtle but wonderful flavor, and beautiful to look at. Like so much other Japanese food. I bought cookbooks and various kitchen tools in Japan this time. I hope this year will be filled with more tasty Japanese dishes, although made and consumed in Sweden…

One thought on “Tokyo Mozaik 東京モザイク

  1. It seems you had a wonderful trip and I am glad you made it back home safe and sound. I enjoyed this blogs pictures (as I do all your pics) but can feel your tiredness in this post. So I’ll let you get off to bed now for some well deserved sleep. May your dreams be your nightly feast!

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