Saffron サフラン

DSC_6411In Sweden saffron is a Christmas spice and we add it to bread, cake, cookies and other sweet stuff. And I love it, so much. I flicked through my camera pics today and realized half of the photos were of different cookies with saffron in them. No wonder I’m gaining weight. Anyhow, this will be a short blog post. I’m quite busy at work (it’s very fun though!) and I need to finish a lot of stuff before going to Japan in ONE WEEK. Yay🙂
スウェーデンではサフランというスパイスはクリスマスのものだ。パンやケーキ、クッキーなどの甘いものに入れる。私サフランが大好き!今日カメラの最近取った写真を見たら、ほとんどは色々なサフランのクッキーの写真だったと気づいた。太っていることは不思議ではないな。。。とにかく、今日のブログポストは短くてほとんどサフランについて。仕事で忙しくて、一週間後日本に行く(!)から色々準備しなくちゃいけないことがあるから短くてしようがない。DSC_6410These are sourdough saffron rolls with a lot of cardamom that I made yesterday. Flat, and quite unfluffy but very buttery and rather tasty.
This is a saffron croissant from what I consider to be Stockholm’s best café, Fabrique. At least they have the best cardamom rolls and saffron rolls in the world. And good coffee too!
これはFabriqueというたぶんストックホルムの一番いいカフェからのサフランクロワッサン。世界中の一番うまいカルダモンとサフランロールが作っているパン屋さん。コーヒーもうまい。DSC_6344These are little saffron sourdough puffs that I made the other week. Packed with raisins and full of butter – as my colleague said “there are NOT dry”.  Really, it’s no point in excluding or reducing butter in your cake or cookies. If you are concerned with weight gain then just eat half a cookie that tastes great rather than a whole that tastes not so great. That’s my philosophy at least. You know, even looking at this saffron dough makes me a bit excited. Saffron is so good!
これは先週作ったチビサフランボール。レーズンといっぱいバターが入っている。ケーキを作る時にバターを減らすか除くこと意味が全くない。太ることについて心配したら半分のうまいクッキーを食べればいいじゃん。一個のまあまあ普通味の奴より。それは私の意見だ。ね、このサフランの種を見るだけで少しわくわくする。サフラン大好き、本当に!DSC_6396In general I’m really into a eat a lot period. Coffee and cake, that’s my life nowadays.
一般的に、最近いっぱい食べている時期だった。最近の生活、コーヒーとケーキばかり。DSC_6349 But not only of course. I bought a juice machine the other week in order to be able to make carrot juice. I drink it most mornings and it’s really refreshing and tasty. And for those who (rightfully) claim that juicing just extract all the sugar from fruits and veggies I can inform you that I use the pulp for either eating as it is as a kind of salad or also when I bake bread. The bread turns out slightly orange colored and moist🙂 The stuff to the left on this picture is oven baked sweet potatoes with mozzarella. Real comfort food on a Tuesday…
いうまでもなく、ほかのものも食べているんだけど。この間ニンジンジュースを作れるためジューザーを買った。ほとんどの朝飲んでて美味しくてリフレッシュされる。ジュースを作ったらヘルシーな繊維を除いて砂糖しか残っていないことは確かだけど、残っているパルプをサラダとして食べるかパンの種に入れるから平気だ。少しオレンジ色、美味しくてしっとりしたパンになる。この写真ではニンジンジュースとモッツァレラ焼きのサツマイモ。DSC_6356A somewhat more healthy thing that I’m obsessed with at the moment is oatmeal with nuts, seeds, coconut flakes, raspberries, cardamom and cinnamon. A good reason to wake up every morning.

DSC_6282And speaking of saffron, I went to my parents place this weekend and here is Marcel. Marcel the saffron cat.
ちなみに、サフランと言えば、週末に実家に行ってマルセル君と遊んだ。マルセル、サフランの猫。DSC_6366 DSC_6394This was a quite shallow blog post about saffron and food. Next time I will probably blog from Japan, where I will be celebrating Christmas. Or rather not celebrate Christmas since they don’t in Japan. Well, I’ll try not to think about the fact that I miss out on Swedish Christmas this year. After all, Christmas will come next year too. With more saffron… and hopefully some snow…
このブログのポストは結構浅くなってしまったね。サフランと食べ物ばかり。今度はたぶん日本から書く、クリスマスを祝いしながら。っていうか祝いしない、日本だから。その事実を無視しようとしているが、やっぱりスウェーデンでクリスマスを過ごさないのは悲しい、少しだけ。でも、来年もクリスマスが来るんだろう。クリスマスともっとサフラン。雪も振ったら良いな。DSC_6406 DSC_6407

6 thoughts on “Saffron サフラン

  1. I love your philosophy regarding sweets eating. I think I will follow it coz I truly love sweets but I’m afraid of gaining weight too. Better eat a half of yummy stuff than a full bite of not-delicious one.🙂

    1. Right?! And another way is to go for an extra run – that also allows you to eat sweets ^_^ I really think it will only do harm to stop doing things one like. Eating cake for example🙂

  2. Shallow when a picture is worth a thousand words? I don’t think so, young lady!

    Hope you enjoy Christmas in Japan whether they celebrate it or not. And to get you started I’m wishing you the merriest of Christmases and the Happiest of New Years!

    Looking forward to posts and pics from Japan. Stay Golden!

  3. Another “mouth-watering” post! Here is an idea, try to find some saffron spiced food in Japan around Christmas time, it may help you feel a little like you are in Sweden. Have a great time in Japan!

    1. That’s actually not a too bad idea😉 However, i cant recall ever eating anything with saffron in japan… but ill look out for it! Also, one of the best things about going to japan is all the amazing food, so hopefully consuming a lot of that will compensate for not celebrating christmas at home ^_^

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