Approaching December もうすぐ十二月

DSC_6217It’s really cold outside nowadays. The Christmas lights are being installed on the streets. I’m constantly drinking chai tea and I spice my oatmeal with cardamom and cinnamon. The Christmas feeling is totally on and I’m enjoying it to the fullest. I’ve been a bit sad about the fact that I’m going to Japan for Christmas. Spending Christmas at my parents’ place is always so cozy and nice. But, the last week I’ve started to really look forward to going to Japan. Meeting old friends, hanging out on cozy cafes, eating amazing food, buying clothes on the winter sale and having great nights out drinking. Yes, I can’t wait. My less positive feelings that have been my “theme” this autumn are getting less intense and things are feeling a bit more brighter. Perhaps due to the approaching Christmas? However, I’m already feeling a bit panicky about Christmas and the Japan trip being over. What am I going to do once January comes?
外、寒くなってきた。町でイルミネーションがだんだん現れている。毎日チャイティーを飲んで、オートミールの上にシナモンとカルダモンのかける。クリスマス気分で楽しんでいる。今年クリスマスを実家で過ごすことについて今までちょっと落ち込んだ。実家でのクリスマスが心地よくて最高だから。でも、やっと先週からクリスマスとお正月の日本の旅楽しみにし始めた。友達に合ったり、カフェに行ったり、うまい食べ物食べたり、セールで買い物したり、飲み会にいたっりすること凄く楽しみだ。一般的に最近元気さが少し戻った、クリスマスのおかげかな?でも同時にクリスマスの後の時野は少し不安。一月が来て日本の旅行終わったらどうする?次楽しみに出来ることがいったい何?DSC_6215By the way I really like rosehip. How they look like colorful spiders just hanging out in the rose bushes…

DSC_6219Last week I went to Copenhagen for a conference. We visited people who work with climate adaptation and their work with climate neighborhoods ( Here they are changing a asphalt surface to a park, which will give a nice area for the local people and also work as rain retention and infiltration. The fact that Copenhagen municipality have 12 people designated to work only with climate adaptation and Stockholm none was quite an interesting realization. Also,  they have a more holistic approach to the topic whereas we tend to have a more engineery type of view. Their office looked like a creative architect bureau/design studio. The study visit was really inspiring and give me good hopes for my future career.  I’m looking forward getting better at what I do and to learn more. I bet that is one other reason why I feel less down nowadays.
先週コペンハーゲンに会議のために行った。気候変動への適応の仕事している人のオフィスにも訪問した(Climate adaptationだけど日本語のいい言葉なかなか見つからない)。Climateの近所というプロジェクトをやって、色々な都市空間を緑にする。この写真でアスファルトのエレアを小さい公園に変える中。コペンハーゲン都市にClimate adaptationのみの仕事をしている人が12人いる。ストックホルムでは0人。スウェーデンのこういう問題に対していつも技術的なアプローチがあると違って、一般的にデンマークでもっと全体的なアプローチがありそう。事務所にしても凄くクリエイティブでデザイン系の会社のオフィスみたいだった。この訪問は本当にインスピレーションになって、将来のキャリアを考えるともっと明るい感じ。頑張りたくてもっと習いたい。最近元気になった理由のひとつかなあ。

And isn’t it cute how these lawns are all curled up?
この芝生が巻いてるのが可愛くない?DSC_6193Currently I’m having my third cold this autumn. They say it what happens when you start living in Stockholm, using the subway every day. The worst part about having a cold is not feeling sick. It’s not even that I have to be home from work which costs money. No, it’s that I can’t work out. I’ve missed so much kickboxing this autumn, both due to other work related activities but also due to being sick and unable to exercise. From the same reasons I haven’t been able to run as much as I wanted to. As a result I feel more tired, I feel physically weaker and I’ve also gained weight. Around 2 kilos. I often gain weight during autumn. And it really sucks to notice that most of your clothes just fit a little bit odd due to that extra fat… It’s a bad combination with all the tasty cake and cookies that are around this time of the year. I love love love saffron bread. I made sourdough versions this year – they turned out great. Fluffy and moist🙂 mmm…
現在この半年の三番目の風邪引き中。ストックホルムに住み始めて毎日地下鉄に乗ると仕方ないらしい。ただ、風邪引くの一番大変のは体調が悪くなるのじゃない。仕事できなくてお金をなくすことでもない。実は運動できなくなることだ。この秋仕事の旅やイベント後は風邪のせいでキックボクシングあまり参加できなかったし、走りたかった程もできなかったし。この運動の減少の結果はいつもより疲れていて、体が弱く感じる。後は2キロ太った。急に服がきつくなってきたを気づくのは最低だ。しかも、もう少しクリスマスで美味しいお菓子やクッキーがいっぱい出るな。例えば私が大好きなサフランのパン。今年サワードウのバージョンを作った。ふわふわで美味しかった!DSC_6221The dough needed to rest for several hours before baking. A slow fermentation process gives tasty bread. It’s like many other things in life, if you let it take its time the result will get better.
サワードウの種は焼く前に数時間発酵させなくちゃいけない。ゆっくりの発酵のプロセスの結果はいい味のパン。一般的に人生と同じだ。時間を掛けたら結果が良くなる。DSC_6225 A not very good combination is that of gaining weight and going to Japan. In comparison I feel much fatter in Japan needless to say. Japanese are a lot thinner, so it makes sense. But then again, I’m taller so I guess I can live with being a bit “wider” too. But the issue is that when buying clothes in Japan, it’s can be a real pain in the butt to find something that fits. Being a Swedish size small, I can sometimes wear S but more commonly M in Japan for t-shirts and sweaters. But when it comes to trousers and shorts I’m a size L if I can buy anything at all. Even the Levi’s store doesn’t have my size in jeans. That doesn’t really matter since I can buy Levi’s at home, but other trousers that are nice and that I’d like to buy in Japan – it’s a no no. Somehow, the bigger hips and ass that people tend to have over here are just not common in Japan. And it’s not that I really need to buy pants in Japan, but having some issues with eating and feeling that I need to mind my weight, shopping experiences in Japan can get sort of depressing and a blow to the self-confidence… So, gaining two kilos (most of it going to the ass of course) right now before the trip is not ideal. Well, not much to do about it but continuing to work out when my cold has gone a way and to try not to eat huge amounts of candy…
日本に行くことと太ることの組み合わせはあまりよくない。日本にいるとほかに人に比べてもっとも太っている感じがするのは決まっている。日本人の女性のほうがスウェーデン人より細いから。でも私はその分背が高いからまあいいけど、ただ日本で服を買うのは大変だ。スウェーデンのSサイズとして日本でセーターやtシャツのMサイズだけど、ズボンならたまにLサイズでも足りないほど私のお尻が大きいみたい。Levisジーンズにしても私のサイズ無し。Levisをこっちで買えるからどうでもいいんだけど、日本のズボンやショーツとか見つけて買いたいなら無理。でも、日本でズボンを買うのはポイントじゃなくて、ただずっと食べる量を気になる人として、2キロ太ったばかりで日本に行って服着えないのは自身に良くない。まあ、仕様がないな。風邪なおったらまた運動してお菓子をいっぱい食べないようにしたら何とかなるかも。DSC_6094 Speaking of which I need to go to sleep now. I’ve been sleep deprived the last weeks and lately I try to get at least 7 hours of sleep if possible. Also, when you get too little sleep you appetite increase. Why thank you for that stupid coincidence…

The plant above is a hyacinth. Swedes keep them at Christmas because the scent of the flowers that soon will bloom is so nice. Coming home to an apartment after work, that smells like Christmas is really nice🙂

2 thoughts on “Approaching December もうすぐ十二月

  1. I never thought about the connection between lack of sleep and increased appetite, but I think you are right. My wife and I have been very busy recently, active at work, not sleeping as much and eating more. And, I haven’t gone for a run for a while. Hmm… I better stay away from the scale. I like hyacinths, too. Do you only keep them indoors?

    1. Yeah I was also kind of surprised when I read about that relationship at first. It has been known for a while though, and when you think about it sort of makes sense. Lack of sleep and stress to a person living 1000 years ago probably meant that times were harsh and that eating as much as possible to build fat deposits was the best idea. Evolution doesn’t keep up with the changes of modern man lifestyle🙂 Oh, and my mum actually plants the hyacinth bulbs left from Christmas in the garden and they bloom in spring. But the scent is so connected to Christmas so even though it looks pretty it feels sort of weird to have hyacinths blooming in April. Like eating gingerbread in July🙂

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