Hiking in Sweden スウェーデンでハイキング


Not to be bragging,  but oh my god the Swedish mountains are wonderful! Last week my dad, my cousin, two friends of mine and I went hiking in the Swedish alps, in Grövelsjön. Situated almost on the border to Norway we did day trips ranging from 8 to 22 km climbing both Swedish and Norwegian mountains. At some mountain tops there are lakes!


The clouds, the lakes, the naked mountains – they look like amazing water colour paintings from the romanticism. It’s simply stunning.


Other mountains still have snow, although it’s in the middle of summer. It’s indeed an odd landscape.


And no matter what mountain you climb you will have a beautiful view over the vast and almost completely uninhabited Swedish and Norwegian alp landscape with its lakes, woods and mountains.


The Swedish mountains are fairly flat, with no too harsh peaks. You don’t really need any mountaineering equipment to get up vertical walls or so – all you need is a good pair of hiking boots and a good spirit. I really like this kind of mountaineering, which is more like hiking or walking just with a slight uphill inclination all the time. Nevertheless, without much effort and just after walking some 10 minutes or so you will have a even more breathtaking view than just a little earlier. It’s a very rewarding activity.


But of course, reaching the peak is the most rewarding.

DSC_4999DSC_4975 DSC_4980

Relaxing at the top of a mountain, watching over the world, no sound but the wind. I really want to go next year again. It’s also nice how good everything you eat taste during and after hiking. Instant coffee during a break after 10 km of rough walking tastes fantastic and the cold beer you get when you return to the cabin in the night is nothing short of fantastic.


It’s really easy and convenient to go hiking in the mountains over here. You can rent a fully equipped cabin for around 200 euros per week with room for 5 or 6 people. And there are plenty of mountains to get on top of. And if you are not into the hiking, there are other things to do such as picking berries or just enjoying the different wildlife. Look at this little dotterel (Fjällpipare, mother) watching out for his little chicken for example🙂


4 thoughts on “Hiking in Sweden スウェーデンでハイキング

    1. Thank you! Yes, I hope you can do that some day – these mountains are really great because they are fairly accessible but still so amazing🙂

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