Copenhagen and Swedish summer スウェーデンの夏とコペンハーゲン


One of my favorite places is Copenhagen. It’s a little bit like Stockholm, but more relaxed with better food and a more friendly atmosphere somehow. My cousin and I went there for a day of shopping and just taking it easy – it was great =) As was the salmon sandwich above and the danish pastry below. I LOVE Danish pastries..


Speaking of pastries, since last summer I wanted to try to make melon cake. The melons are at their peak of their season now, and so I tried. It turned out nice, really fresh and summery🙂 デニッシュと言えば、去年の夏からメロンケーキを作りたって、メロンが今うまい。さてとつってみた。美味しかったよ。普通のケーキよりフレッシュで軽くて、夏っぽい:)


Otherwise summer is progressing as usual – too quickly and smoothly. My nephew is exploring everything. Flowers, cats, you name it. 後、夏は相変わらず。速すぎて気持ちいい。オイは花、猫、何でも検査している。


The flowers are one of the best things about summer too, obviously. Roses are perfect for bouquets, but I still like the cornflowers the best. It must be the best color in the world.  いうまでもなく、花が夏のいいポイントの一つ。バラは花束に完璧だけど、ヤグルマギクがお気に入り。世界中の一番きれいな色かな。

DSC_4467 DSC_4371 DSC_4350

Last but not least I got a sailor dress. Yes, summer is proceeding smoothly. そして、セーラーワンピースをゲット。やっぱりいい夏だね!


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