Summer and new environments 夏と新しい環境


I haven’t been blogging for pretty much a month. What happened to all time? Well, I finished and handed in my masters thesis, pretty much graduated, moved to a new town and started working there. Phew. That’s the update. Now I live in Stockholm and I work as an engineer, mainly with storm water and flooding issues. It’s great fun =) Anyhow. Summer is proceeding. We had some really nice weeks of typical summer weather. I have taken loads of random pictures, and many of them just represent my typical Swedish summer.


Like one of the cats being lazy in the sun, in front of the sun bleached facade of my parents house and under a hat that my dad wears when doing work in the garden… 例えば猫が太陽の下でゆっくりする。漂白された実家のファサードの前、お父さんが庭で仕事する時被る帽子の下。


Or having yogurt with summer ripe fruit such as peaches (I love saturn peaches – they are so good!) strawberries and melon for dinner, just because it’s too hot to eat anything that’s not cool. ヨーグルトと夏の熟した桃やイチゴ、メロンなどの果物をディナーとして食べること。うまいし外暑すぎて、暖かいもの食べられないし。


Or ice cream. Do I need to say more? 言うまでもなく、アイスクリーム。


And Swedish old wooden houses with leafy gardens… 緑豊かガーデンのスウェーデンの古い木造の家。


And Marcel hanging around the bird bath, hoping someone will show up… マルセルはバードバスの側でだれか現れるまで待っている。。。


And strawberry cake! That’s probably the most Swedish summer attribute one can find. My sister made this, of course =) もちろん、イチゴケーキもスウェーデンの夏の大事な象徴。このケーキ、お姉さんが作ったの:)。


And the ocean… this weekend in Skellefteå it was so warm we even felt like swimming. Almost. 最後、海だ。週末にSkellefteåで泳ぎたいほど暑かった。


2 thoughts on “Summer and new environments 夏と新しい環境

  1. Wow – you had quite the busy month! Congratulations on getting your Master’s done and the new job. I would write more but I’ve got the urge to have some ice cream with chocolate sprinkles… (We are enjoying some nice summer-like weather in Toronto, too.)

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