Nature in twilight 薄明の自然


Somehow gardens and the nature in general looks its best at twilight. Twilight gives everything this special, almost a bit mystic color, and creates shadows that are really deep and long.


I always feel the most nostalgic in twilight. Maybe I’m mourning the day that just passed? いつも薄明に一番郷愁に満ちた時間だ。もし、過ごし終わった日を悼んでいるのかな?

DSC_3985 DSC_3997

It is very nice though, to know that it’s soon night and that it’s time to go inside and relax. One day of work and contemplation has passed. もうすぐ夜になって、リラックスと寝る時間になったことを分かるのはいい感情だけどね。仕事と感想の一日が終わってしまった。ってかんじ。

DSC_4003 DSC_4011

Flowers look very special in twilight too. Just look at these cherry blossoms, having this roasted glow that is hard to put in words… 薄明の花もとても不思議できれいだね。例えば桜、よく説明できない赤熱光っぽくなるね。

DSC_4058 DSC_4060

But I guess that what really makes it is the shadows. The world almost looks duplicated for a while… でも一番素敵のは影だろう。一瞬、世界が重複させる。


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