Easy quick and delicious nut cookies 簡単、速く作られる超美味しいナッツクッキー


I love nuts. Bizarrely much. Which is a good thing, because they are super healthy (proteins and healthy oils!) and they are filling. And, besides from adding them to my morning oatmeal and to my food I love to use them for cookies and cakes. This weekend I made two batches of these really nice nut cookies. They take around 20 minutes to make all in all, contain only 4 ingredients – and they are super tasty! Can’t stop eating them =)  Also by chance, they are lactose and gluten free! Needless to say, here comes to recipe!

This yields around 25 cookies: 25個くらい:

150 grams of ground nuts + 25 for decoration (I prefer hazel nuts, but almonds work just as fine)
175 grams of icing sugar 175グラム粉砂糖
2 egg whites 2個の卵白
2 squares of dark chocolate (optional) ダークチョコレート一切れ二個


Beat the egg whites by hand or using an electric mixer until they turn into very stiff white foam (you should be able to keep the bowl upside down over your head without anything falling out, and the bubbles should have gotten so small that you cant see them anymore).  Mix in the ground nuts and sift in the icing sugar. If you want to use chocolate, grate and incorporate into the mixture (it will give a nice nougaty flavor).


Put the mixture into small baking molds (around 3 cm in diameter). Decorate with one nut on each cookie (make sure to press down the nut a bit). Bake for 10-15 minutes or until slightly golden brown on top in 175 degrees Celsius. Let cook on a rack and enjoy with a good cup of tea or coffee =)


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