Green pea pesto with sunflower seeds グリーン・ピースとひまわり種ペスト


It was quite a while ago that I published any recipe posts. However, lately I’ve gotten kind of addicted to green pea pesto with pasta and it has been the content in 4 out of 4 lunch boxes this week. And nope, I’m not tired of it yet! It’s soo tasty, it’s really easy (takes approximately 10 min, maximum), it’s rather cheap – and it’s even kind of healthy. Good times!

I always use intuition for the proportions of this recipe, you can’t really go wrong with a bit too many peas or too much garlic. But I guess these are the amounts I usually use:

For 2-3 servings (二人か三人分):
2 garlic cloves 二個ニンニク一片
500 ml frozen green peas 500ミリグリーンピース(冷凍)
3 tablespoons olive oil 3大さじオリーブオイル
1 tablespoon parsley 1大さじパセリ
100 ml roasted sunflower seeds 100ミリロスとひまわり種
0.5 teaspoons of salt 0,5茶さじ塩
Grated Parmesan cheese (omit if you want to keep it vegan) パルメザンの粉チーズ
Fresh pasta for 2-3 people (regular works fine too, but fresh is sooo much better in this case i think) 2や3人分の生パスタ(普通のでもオッケーだけどこの場合生パスタのほうが絶対に美味しい!)


Throw the garlic cloves (skin and all) in a frying pan and put on maximum heat and roast until golden brown on both sides (around 3 min). Meanwhile, bring the frozen peas to a boil in salted water and also pasta water in a separate pot. Once the peas start boiling, drain.  Boil the pasta water.


Add peas, sunflower seeds, parsley, olive oil and salt to a bowl. Squeeze the roasted garlic cloves out of the skins into the bowl. Mix with a blender until somewhat smooth. It’s fine if it’s a bit chunky.


Drain the pasta and add to the pesto. Mix and add the grated Parmesan cheese.


Serve or put in lunch boxes :) 出来た!お弁とやディナーが:)


I really love this food so much! Now I just have to try and not to overeat it so I get bored🙂
本当にこの食べ物大好きなんだ。ただ、食べ過ぎてあきないように気をつけなくちゃ :)


3 thoughts on “Green pea pesto with sunflower seeds グリーン・ピースとひまわり種ペスト

    1. Ah you mean pesto genovese! That is also really delicious and the sauce consists of basil, olive oil, garlic, parmesan cheese and as you say pine nuts. The advantage with this green pea pesto however is firstly the price. At least in Sweden the sunflower seeds are so much cheaper than pine nuts, probably around 20 times cheaper or so, if not more. And secondly, I feel that green pea pesto and pasta is a more “complete” dish. The peas contain quite a lot of protein and the pesto itself makes out a bigger quantity of the entire composition than in the pesto genovese case. When I eat pesto genovese I usually have something on the side, such as a slice of smoked salmon or so in order to get properly full and feel satisfied =)

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