Here comes the sun


Weather-wise it has been a very strange winter. January and February is always the coldest and most snowy months, but now they have passed without really leaving a trace of real winter. And it’s already the middle of march – and the sun is shining like spring is here to stay. Let’s keep our fingers crossed! This weekend the weather was really great, and also the last couple of days. Swedes love the sun and as soon as they get the possibility they enjoy the sunshine outdoors. Also, the light is great in the apartment I live. It’s so much easier to wake up in the morning nowadays.


It is still very nice to sit indoors though, drinking tea and taking it easy. I’m so hooked on rooibos nowadays. I drink it every night, can’t live without it. I wonder if it’s common in Japan – I guess not? It’s nice because it’s good for the stomach and also doesn’t contain any substances to keep you from sleeping, like black tea or coffee. Good and soothing stuff indeed.


The last couple of months I’ve basically bought no new clothes (I know – it’s crazy!). But I couldn’t keep myself from buying this lovely coach handbag on a Swedish second hand site for approximately 4 euros the other week. Perfect size and really good condition. What a bargain =)

4 thoughts on “Here comes the sun

  1. Here in the lower mainland of British Columbia we had a rare three days of snowfall. That’s three days in a row. And it’s snowed on three separate occasions this winter, and we’ve had some arctic outflows, as well.

    Compare that to last year when it snowed one day, and the year before that when the only day it snowed was just after they opened the new Port Mann bridge. On that day they discovered that ice forms on the cables which then falls on the cars below.

    Course, today it was sunny and warm. Crocus flowers are blooming in my front yard with bees gathering nectar. I even saw a fly. I suspect it’s going to be a long, hot summer.

    Take care.

    1. I really hope your predictions come true! A long hot summer would be terrific😉 The spring flowers have slowly started to emerge here too – and the birds are singing like crazy. That’s almost the best part about spring =)

  2. i’m so happy for colder months to have passed where we are as well. it was so nice out a couple of days ago but today is so windy and cooold. weekend is supposed to bring warmer weather again but on monday it’s back to the cold. sigh. i love your bag. i’ve been meaning to pick one up at flea markets. hopefully in the spring. : )

    1. Yes I really thought it was a perfect spring bag =) They have issued possibilities for snow here even – hope it’s some kind of misunderstanding >_<

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