Surviving Swedish winter スウェーデンの冬を生き延びる


At my sisters birthday party, she served afternoon tea. That’s one good way of coping with the cold long winter months that Swedes have to deal with at the moment.


週末に彼氏が住んでいる北スウェーデンに行った。そんなに寒くなかった、マイナス10度ぐらいで、乾燥した空気だから寒く感じなかったし。散歩にていい状況だった。I went to visit my boyfriend in the north of Sweden this weekend. It wasn’t too cold, only around minus 10 degrees. But the air is dry, so it doesn’t feel as bad as it could have done. Nice weather for taking a walk.


However, in this type of weather it’s not uncommon to spend much time indoors. And to keep warm we made ozouni (a Japanese new years dish that is super tasty and I don’t care if it’s already february) and vegetarian tantanmen noodles (tofu instead of meat). Yummy and warming!


And last but not least. Now it’s semla times! These months Swedes eat loads of these great pastries filled with marzipan and cream. Oh nom nom…


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