Colder January times 寒い一月


This winter has so far been the warmest in a long long time. We had basically no snow at all – until now! Finally this week it got cold and some snow started falling. Even if it’s chilly, it’s so nice to have that white snow covering stuff since it makes everything brighter.


Yes, it’s been a grey and dull December. Luckily Christmas and New Years was around to cheer things up. I spend New Years with siblings and friends at my friends parents place. Their Christmas tree was the weirdest one I’ve ever seen! But the atmosphere in the house is really nice, just look at all these cute jars they have in the pantry =)


This part of winter, right after the holidays, feels a bit special. People start buying tulips like crazy and looking forward to spring – although it’s months away. All the red decorations are swapped for pastels like pink. My mum got these really nice roses for her birthday. I think this is a typical January window somehow. A leftover Christmas flower in white, salmon pink roses and snow outside.


Well well, I just hope it’s going to stay cold for a while now. I’m hoping to maybe do some cross country skiing the next time I get to my parents place. That would be really nice. The cats don’t really like the cold though. They stay indoors or patiently wait outside the front door if they accidentally go out, until someone lets them in again.



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