The middle days 間の日々


The middle days, that’s what we called the days between Christmas and New Years in Sweden. They are usually associated with sale, eating left over Christmas food and spending time with the family. My brother and his family were here for 3 days. Since he has 2 little children it was a quite intense 3 days.


Oh and for Christmas I gave my sisters and my cousin little make up bags that I made. I found really lovely fabrics that I just had to buy and use for something. Also, I managed to find really nice zippers that matched in color. In the make up bags I put either a lip balm or a nail polish. It was fun to make and they seemed happy =)
クリスマスプレゼントとして化粧品用のバッグを姉たちと従姉妹に作ってあげた。素敵な柄の生地を見つけて何かに使いたかった。しかもとても可愛いマッチング色のファスナーを見つけた。バッグの中にリップバームやマニキュアを置けた。作るのは楽しかったし、姉たちと従姉妹は喜んでいそうだった =)。


Tomorrow is New Years eve. Let’s hope for a nice 2014 =) 明日は年越しだね。2014年はいい年になるといいですね=)


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