Christmas and candy


So today is Christmas eve. In Sweden, that is the day we celebrate for Christmas, when we exchange gifts and eat traditional Christmas food. A bit hard to process that it’s already the 24th. Especially since we don’t have any snow. Well, it doesn’t matter =)


The last week or so I’ve made plenty of candy and cookies and so on. For me who’s normally into baking, Chrismas even more crazy when it comes to making stuff out of chocolate, marzipan and sugar.

Mozartkugel – marzipan and nougat with chocolate coating with a pistachio on the top


Beer marshmallows! These are new for this year. Marshmallows with beer flavor, chocolate coating and roast almonds on top!


We also made a gingerbread house this year. A windmill =) It’s fun trying out new structures.


Anyhow, now it’s breakfast time. I guess I’m going to have a Christmas spiced slice of bread (yes we have those, they are called vörtbröd and are spiced with cloves and orange and such) with pickled herring – something all Swedes will eat today. Merry Christmas!


10 thoughts on “Christmas and candy

  1. Merry Christmas! The decorations are wonderful and the food looks delicious. As for the snow, we have plenty of extra snow and ice in Toronto, you are welcome to as much as you want.😉

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