Christmas Copenhagen Daytrip クリスマス・コペンハーゲン日帰り


Copenhagen is so close to the south of Sweden. And it’s such a great city. I think it has much more spirit than Stockholm, much more fun shops and better cafés and bars. Yesterday I spent the entire day in Copenhagen, arriving at 11 am and leaving at 1 am🙂 My friend Linn and I had set focus on second hand shops and pubs with good beer. It wasn’t really hard to find either. We started of with the shopping, and there were plenty of things with bargain potential (although I actually didn’t buy anything ;_;). The Danish second hand shops have such a wide range of clothes, and it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a gloverall duffle coat, a barbour coat or a pair of gym shorts from the 80’s. You will find them – and a lot of them!



Also, eating out in Copenhagen is really nice and actually not that expensive. For lunch we had Smörrebröd, dark rye bread with salmon and avocado. And a beer of course. It was really nice, and quite cheap.



Copenhagen is also very cozy out of an architectural perspective. There are many old houses in nice colors, and also somehow the decorations on and outside them amplify the atmosphere.  



If you enjoy beer, there’s one thing you shouldn’t miss in Copenhagen – the Mikkeller bars. Mikkeller is a danish beer brand and they make really high quality beers. Every beer geek knows about them, and actually I brought some bottles home for my beer geek brother. And of course, we spent some time in the bar enjoying the different kinds. There are two Mikkeller bars in Copenhagen, “Mikkeller Bar” and “Mikkeller & Friends”.

ビールが好きなら、Mikkellerのバーに行くべきだ。Mikkellerというのはデンマークの高級ビールブランドだ。ビールのオタクの皆はMikkellerを知っている。実は、ビールオタクの兄に4本を買って帰った。そしてもちろん、コペンハーゲンにいる間、バーでそのうまいビールの色々な種類を飲んでみた。二つのMikkellerバーがある:Mikkeller BarとMikkeller& Friends。


To engulf some more Christmas spirit we also went to Tivoli, the famous amusement park in the middle of Copenhagen. It was crazy illuminated and there were nice little shops selling candy and mulled wine. It was nice, but a bit too commercial and loud. But then again, I guess the main crowd is children, so who am I to complain =)



I really love Copenhagen – I want to go back soon! I recommend everyone who has the chance to pay it a visit! Tomorrow I’m going home to my parents to celebrate Christmas. There will be tons of cookies and candy made – I can assure you!



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