New hair 新しい髪形

Since I cut my hair short this summer, I’ve had trouble with really liking my haircut. I went to a couple of normal prized random hairdressers and the result wasn’t really what I hoped for. So, when I needed to cut my hair some weeks ago I went to a hairdresser I really know is good, but that is rather expensive. Oh my god I’m so happy with the result! I really like it now, it’s actually just perfect. So, the conclusion is that spending more money to get a result you’re happy with is so much more worth it than going to a cheap hairdresser and walk around for 3 months feeling bad about your haircut. Maybe, that’s a kind of logic that is obvious but still… I have many friends who have low price hairdresser they are very happy with, and I trust them, but also they all have longer hair. Maybe I’m totally wrong here, but it seems like it’s easier to cut long hair than short. Any input on that?
Today I had my last lecture for the semester by the way. I have some stuff to finish in my internet based course, but other than that I have Christmas hoildays – yay! And me and my roomie even got a Christmas tree, and she pimped the apartment with around 100000 santas. Christmas is on! =)

5 thoughts on “New hair 新しい髪形

  1. Nice haircut! In the winter, I would think you would want it longer, but you look good with short hair. (And, this look really shows off your eyes.) Since my hair has always been short, I don’t know what is easier to cut. But, I do agree that if you pay more money to get what you want it is better than saving some money but not getting what you want.

    1. Thank you =) Yeah, no matter the amount you spend, if you spend it on something you’re not happy with it just feels like a waste >_<

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