Daytrip to Umeå ウメオへの日帰り

When I went to Skellefteå last week, way up in northern Sweden, my boyfriend and I and some of his work mates went for a day trip to Umeå. Umeå is situated around 130 kilometers south of Skellefteå, is a bit bigger and livelier and is known for being a student town. It was actually really cosy and had a nice atmosphere with nice cafés and pubs. Sadly though, the towns this north are so dark in winter. It gets dark at around 2 pm, so you don’t really have time to enjoy much of the city visually.
先週北スウェーデンのシェレフテオに行ったら、彼氏と彼の同僚と一緒にウメオの日帰り旅をした。ウメオという町はシェレフテオより13キロ南にあるけど、ウメオのほうは大きくて元気な町だ。心地がよがったし、いいカフェとパブがあった気持ちい雰囲気がした。残念ながら、北の町はすぐ暗くなる。午後2時ぐらいに暗くなって視覚的に町をあまり楽しめない。DSC_2741Anyhow, the first thing we did when we came to Umeå was to have a lunch at a really nice sushi place. It’s called Sagami and Japanese owners run it. Very tasty sushi and good service. And also they sold a range of Japanese ingredients, so I could get some seaweed to bring home to Gothenburg =)
とにかく、ウメオに着いた時に寿司屋で昼ごはんを食べに行った。Sagamiとい日本人がやっているレストランだった。美味しかったし、サービスも良かった。しかも、日本料理の材料が売られて、ひじきをヨーテボリに持って帰られた=) 。DSC_2735DSC_2738DSC_2742During the few hours of sunlight we did notice that the Umeå scenery was very nice. And the low and almost constantly setting sun made the buildings look beautiful. One interesting building was the picture museum (bildmuseet) that is situated just by the river. I do like the architecture, although the exhibitions weren’t to amazing to be honest…
DSC_2745DSC_2747DSC_2748DSC_2754DSC_2755Actually, almost all cities in the northern Sweden are situated along any of the big rivers there. It makes sense from an industrial point of view, and in modern times it’s just really nice the have water flowing through the city. The sunset over the slightly icy Ume River was really pretty.

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