Another pumpkin cake さらにもう1つの南瓜誕生日ケーキ

Last year for my birthday my sister made a pumpkin cake. An now, when my niece turned 5 we asked her what kind of cake she wanted. When she turned 4 she got an elephant, which was really fun to make, so this year I guess we were expecting some other cool wish like a cat or whatever. But no, she wanted a pumpkin cake, just like auntie Sara got last year. Well, it’s her birthday and luckily it’s in the autumn so why not =)
DSC_2714DSC_2719DSC_2712DSC_2726 Lately I’ve had problems with my eyes and contact lenses. So while waiting for the new ones I’m left with my glasses. They make me look like some kind of crazy librarian, especially with that hair growing recklessly that I have no clue how to handle. Some parts of it are still to short to cut into another decent haircut. Well well, librarian autumn it is I guess =) And, I love my new scarf. That’s all I wanted to say ^_^

13 thoughts on “Another pumpkin cake さらにもう1つの南瓜誕生日ケーキ

  1. Ohhh thank you!! The cake was really tasty! Strawberry and vanilla on the inside =) Thank you for the comment, made my day❤

      1. Nope actually not =) When asking my niece what shape and flavor she wanted, pumpkin shape and strawberry flavor was the answer ^_^

  2. What a great looking cake! And with stawberries and vanilla, too. Yum.

    When you ate some you must have had strawberries and vanilla in you, too. In Zen, that’s known as becoming one with your object of meditation.

    I’ve had trouble with my eyes, too. Well. Just the right one. Turns out the tiny spot in the middle is a slight grabbing of the retina on whatever’s just above it. Doc says it’ll go away in a while but just in case I’ve an appointment to see him again in two months.

    With this tiny distortion I cannot see any eagles from a distance. And I can spot them at one kilometer up and five kilometers distant. Or at least I used to.

    Stay warm (and don’t carry any books).

    1. Thanks for your comment =)

      I really hope your eyes get better! I got new contact lenses so I look (almost) normal now without my geek glasses ^_^

      Hm, it sounds interesting to become one with an object. Somehow, that makes me encouraged to cook and bake even more – to become one with something I made from scratch sounds more harmonic than if it would be some store bought packed thing =)

      1. I forgot to click the box that allows an email notification of your response. This means I’ve been sitting here for 12 days waiting for your reply. Just kidding.

        Thanks for your kind wishes on my eyesight. To date the speck hasn’t gone away but my next eye appointment isn’t till Jan. 16th so I guess these things take weeks to disappear.

        As I am so busy waiting for email notifications I may forget to wish you a Merry Christmas. So “Merry Christmas!”

        PS All the expensive gifts marked, “From Santa to you”, are from me.

  3. Great cake — it looks as good or better than anything you could buy! From the happy faces, I’m sure it tasted good, too. I don’t know what a crazy librarian looks like; you make that look work.

    1. Haha thank you =) And actually I’m not only really happy with the design for this cake, I think is was one of the best one we made in terms of flavor too ^_^

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