Epic salad #1: Avocado, roast vegetables and tofu with Japanese style sesame dressing 叙事詩のサラダ第1:アボガド、焼き野菜、豆腐と和風ゴマドレッシング

DSC_2671I’ve somehow just gotten into a salad routine now. I love making salads! They are great because you can prepare various components that you like and just combine them into an awesome salad. My salads tend to consist of 4 or 5 categories of ingredients. For example like in this salad with some roast veggies, some fresh veggies, sauteed tofu, a dressing and something for topping. And that’s what I really really like about salad! The different textures that meet in a great mix =). In another salad the tofu could be swapped for a boiled egg and the topping could be Parmesan cheese.
最近サラダを作ることにはまった。サラダを作るのは大好き!色々な好きな成分を使って、組み合わせて1つのうまいサラダになる。私が作るサラダは普通に4か5個の成分に作られる。例えばこのサラダは焼き野菜、生野菜、焼き豆腐、ドレッシング、トッピングから構成されている。それはサラダのポイントだと思う!違った舌触りの食べ物がサラダで合う=)。ほかのサラダだったら、豆腐じゃなくて卵になるかもしれないし、そしてトッピングはパルメザン・チーズかも。DSC_2664   Here’s what’s in the salad I had for lunch today:

– Roasted broccoli, carrots, sweet potato and sliced garlic: toss in some olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper, roast in the oven for 15 minutes.
– Fresh sliced tomato, baby spinach and avocado
– Sauteed silken tofu: slice the tofu, dip in Japanese soy sauce and cover in flour, fry in a non stick fry pan in olive oil.
– Dressing:around equal parts of rice vinegar, Japanese soy sauce, sesame oil, honey (or a bit of sugar if you want to make it a vegan salad!).



DSC_2676Pretty easy, really really tasty, filling and when you think about it extremely healthy. There will be more salads coming… I can assure you =)

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