Best vegetarian post-workout food ever! 最高のベジタリアン運動後の食事!

I have this theory (that’s probably not scientifically correct) that after a hard workout session you body will crave nutrients and absorb whatever you eat. Meaning that if you eat something healthy after working out all the vitamins will go straight into your body, and if you eat something unhealthy all the fat and sugar will. At the same time, we all know that protein is the best thing to eat after working out, since it will enhance your muscles to get bigger and stronger. As a vegetarian, my all time best protein friend is egg. Also lately I’ve been eating quite a lot of algae because it’s so tasty and extremely healthy (The Japanese Hijiki is my favorite at the moment). And last but not least, I’ve had a crush on wheatberry this week. It’s not only really tasty and healthy in general, it also contains around 2 times as much protein as regular rice. So, yesterday when I got home from kickboxing, feeling drained and so tired I made this great vegetarian salad. Tasty, healthy and fairy rich in protein. AND so simple…

Combine in a bowl ボールで混ぜる:
– 1 portion of wheatberry, cooked according to instructions (around 15 min) 一人分のゆでた小麦粒(15分ぐらいゆでる)
– 1 boiled egg, diced 角切りゆで卵を一個
– A handfull of dried hijiki, soaked for 20 minutes and then rinsed 一握りのヒジキ
– Flavouring (optional and you can pick whatever you want): 1 sliced scallion, 1 teaspoon of sesame oil, 1 minced garlic clove, sesame seeds, salt. 味付け(任意で何でも使ってもオッケー):薄く切ったワケギを一本、ごま油茶さじ1つ、ニンニク、ゴマ、塩。

Do you know any other good post workout food that’s vegetarian? My kickboxing friends often say that they’re heading home, eating huge amounts of chicken or whatever. Not really my cup of tea… Any suggestions are welcome!

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