Super Mario mushrooms along the Skellefteå river シェレフテオ川沿ってスーパー・マリオマッシュルーム

DSC_2273I’ve just spent the weekend in the town of Skellefteå in the northern part of Sweden. We took a Sunday walk along the river that runs through town. The thing about northern Sweden is that you really have nature just around the corner. It’s kind of nice =)
今週末をスウェーデンの北にあるシェレフテオという町に過ごした。日曜日にシェレフテオ川を沿って散歩した。北のスウェーデンでは本当にどこにいてもすぐそこにもある。いい感じ:)DSC_2332 DSC_2326DSC_2268DSC_2331DSC_2330DSC_2322DSC_2310DSC_2316DSC_2319DSC_2311 Of some reason there were also loads of red pretty mushrooms along the river. Perfect Super Mario shrooms =)
DSC_2299DSC_2294DSC_2298DSC_2291DSC_2289 Oh, and this weekend my boyfriend invented a new kind of dish, perfect for lunch. It’s not so complicated, just mashed avocado, fried mushrooms (not the ones on the pictures though!) and tomato on bread. But still, really nice!

6 thoughts on “Super Mario mushrooms along the Skellefteå river シェレフテオ川沿ってスーパー・マリオマッシュルーム

  1. It looks like fall is starting in northern Sweden. Here in southern Ontario (in Canada), only a few trees have started to change colours. The Super Mario mushrooms are cute, but do you know if they safe?

    1. Actually we already had frost nights so I’d say it’s almost winter soon >_<.

      The mushrooms are definitely not safe to eat! You won't die on the spot, but you'll get seriously ill. And not bigger like Super Mario either…

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