Crayfish party ザリガニ・パーティー

One of all the strange traditions we have in Sweden is the crayfish party that always takes place in the end of the summer. Many people don’t like the idea of eating crayfish, for example my old Japanese colleague who visited Gothenburg for a business trip and refused to eat crayfish sauce for his fish at dinner. Well, anyhow. This year’s crayfish party took place in my friend Daniel’s summer house by the Swedish west coast. The summer house is located in a really great place with a view of the ocean from the veranda.
DSC_2037 DSC_2036 DSC_2029
We were really lucky, this particular day showed to be one of the warmest of the late summer and we had temperatures of 25 degrees which is kind of rare for a Swedish September. Beer in the sun on a day like this is hard to beat.
After chilling in the sun for a couple of hours in the afternoon we headed to the cliffs to swim. There was also a sauna and one of the common way to bathe in Sweden is to hang in the sauna for 10 minutes, cool of in the ocean (that this day was around 18 degrees), go into the sauna, cool of in the ocean, and go on like that until you’re happy =)
Then we started the dinner preparations. Not only does it go quicker to prepare the food together, it’s more fun as well! Although I think I was busy chillin’ out on the veranda while the others were working hard…
DSC_2068And then come the crayfish! They kind of taste like big prawns and the ones from the ocean (pink ones) are really really tasty. The red ones come from lakes or creeks and taste a little less good, but nevertheless nice. However, it takes ages to get them open and eat everything inside, and it took me all night to eat 5 of them… The usual things to eat with crayfish is bread, ailoi or mayonnaise, salad and schnapps.
するとザリガニを食べる時になった!味は大きな海老と近いけど、海からのザリガニ(ピンクのほう)が湖からのザリガニ(赤いのほう)より美味しい。しかし、食べるのは超時間かかる。5個を食べるのは一晩中かかった。ザリガニと一緒に食べるものはパンやアイヨリソース、マヨネーズ、サラダとシュナップス。DSC_2074DSC_2075DSC_2085DSC_2078DSC_2101Really, the more I analyze the crayfish party tradition the more it makes sense. To eat something that takes so long to eat gives a great party. Sitting for hours, chatting, drinking and trying your best to crack those little bastards open is a nice combination. Imagine we would have been eating something else – after 15 minutes the dinner would have been over. Also, seafood like this doesn’t really make you so full so you can eat loads of it. And it’s healthy! (the schnapps and bread maybe not so much but what the heck). At one point though we realized that everyone were sitting fiddling with their smartphones. To tackle that antisocial behavior we made a smartphone pile. I can recommend that!
DSC_2111 This night was one of the best parties this summer (Elisa and Felix wedding party is hard to beat though) and I have kind of changed my view of crayfish a little. Before I thought they were messy and not worth the effort, but now I can understand the charm. Looking forward to August and September next year!

4 thoughts on “Crayfish party ザリガニ・パーティー

  1. Hi Saraboy, I stumbled upon your blog and enjoyed reading some of your posts! 日本語上手ですね!私も英語と日本語と両方でブログ書いてるよ☆ よかったら遊びにきてね xo akiko
    Style Imported

    1. Hi Akiko! Thanks for stopping by🙂 Your blog is very nice, I’m definitely gonna check it out more! It’s also perfect for me to keep my japanese going by reading japabese blogs about fashion and everyday stuff in general. Please stop by again🙂

    1. Thank you! I think the only way to learn Japanese is to spend a lot of time in Japan. Also, having a Japanese boyfriend helps alot🙂 and stacking the phones was really fun. However, it didnt take long until the pile started to decrease…🙂

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