Munich, I like you ミュンヘンが好き

During my holidays in Germany I spent a couple of days in Munich. And it’s true what they say about the beer, in some places it showed impossible to get one smaller than 1 liter🙂 But Munich was so much more than beer and pretzels. The city is really neat and clean and had plenty of beautiful buildings. Actually, the rest of Germany dislikes Munich for its posh people, but I don’t mind. Safe and clean towns remind me of Tokyo.
Munich is also known for its museums and culture. We visited the Lenbachhaus Museum (the yellow building above) where there was a lot of great german art, such as Gerhard Richter, and loads from the big guys who spent time in Munich around 100 years ago, like Kandinsky and Klee. I highly recommend it.
ミュンヘンは美術館と文化にも有名。Lenbachhausという美術館に行って(上記の黄色の建物)ゲルハルト・リヒターなどの有名なドイツの画家の作品が見えた。後は100年間前ミュンヘンに住んだカンディンスキーやクレーなどの画家の絵もあった。本当にいい美術館だった!DSC_1552DSC_1549 Needless to say I had to try out a couple of cafés and I had great rhubarb pie and coffee at this little place. German pastries are really good.
もちろん、ミュンヘンのカフェにも行ってみるしかなかった。このカフェでルバーブパイを食べて、うまかった!ドイツのケーキは最高!DSC_1519 Munich had some interesting architecture, a lot remaining from the 2nd world war, but of course also plenty of older beautiful buildings. And parks, yes there were parks everywhere. And also markets, just check out the flower shop in the market beneath. I truly enjoyed my stay in Munich, it’s a great town. I want to go soon again!

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