Felix and Elisa’s Boho hippie wedding in Germany FelixとElisaのボヘミアンヒッピー結婚パーティー

The last two weeks I spent in Germany, visiting friends around the country. The best event on these two week vacation was the wedding party of my dear friends Felix and Elisa. They had arranged an absolutely wonderful garden party in hippie boho style with loads of colors and decorations.
The party was held in Felix’s parents’ garden and under the huge walnut tree blankets, cushions and mini table with flowers covered the ground. If you weren’t sitting there to eat, chat or drink, hanging in the bar or dancing infront of the DJ booth were other options of fun things to do.
DSC_1640 DSC_1635 DSC_1634 DSC_1631 DSC_1630 DSC_1627
I know that Elisa and Felix have made a great effort to pull this party off. They have been gathering decoration materials for over a year and I know that whatever wedding party I will visit from now on will seem pale in comparison.
DSC_1609As the evening got darker the lanterns in the trees and around the garden made the atmosphere even cozier. Really, it was such a great time and the best party in ages.

4 thoughts on “Felix and Elisa’s Boho hippie wedding in Germany FelixとElisaのボヘミアンヒッピー結婚パーティー

  1. Congratulations to the happy couple. Interestingly I was at Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver just last Tuesday and met a pair of newlyweds from Germany. They were honeymooning here in BC and seemed to be enjoying every minute. Perhaps you might suggest to Felix and Elisa that they come to Canada’s rugged west coast or, even, plan your future honeymoon here🙂

    1. Actually, they headed off to Japan 3 days after the party to a 2 week long honeymoon there =) But that doesn’t exclude future traveling to Canada. I wanna go too =)

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