My Tokyo 私の東京

The last week we have been hanging around in Tokyo, attending some exhibitions, visiting museums and done some shopping. Also, as usual, a big part of the every day life has been food and coffee breaks. There is so much to do in Tokyo. Although I’ve been here so many times new things and places to see pop up all the time. A place that I’ve been to many times before is Koenji. It is full of used clothing shops and cafes. We found cafe Hattifnatt which offered nice coffee and cheese cake. But most of all the cuteness of the cafe in itself was appealing.
DSC_1024 DSC_1025 DSC_1039 DSC_1052
The day before yesterday I went to Shimokitazawa, an area that also has quite a lot of used clothing shops and nice cafes (however a bit more hip than Koenji). I met up with my friend Yoko to do some shopping, and we ended up at a waffle cafe. Waffles and Pan cakes are getting popular over here (again!), I like it!
DSC_1059 DSC_1062In Roppongi in Tokyo there’s a sky scraper called Mori Tower. It serves as office for many companies but also has a art museum at top. At the moment there’s a great exhibition called Love going on. One of the few rooms where you were allowed to take pictures was in this one with weird illuminated mushroom thingies. Kind of neat🙂
From the Mori Tower you have a great view of Tokyo and you can see the famous landmark Tokyo Tower. By the entrance to the building there’s an other famous monument, a strange spider statue. We met up with Yurika there to go for lunch.
DSC_0949 DSC_0950 DSC_0958
Another exhibition we attended dealt with our perception of colors and the activity of “color hunting”. This refers to find a color you like and try to paint exactly the same one. I like this idea since it really bugs me that whenever you take a photograph you actually won’t get the real color of what you see. If you paint that very color on a paper though, you can save the real color for later. The director of this exhibition, Dai Fujiwara, made a Sky diary. In other words, he painted the color of the sky every day for one year. It changes quite a bit over the year!
ほかの行った展示会はColor Huntingというものだった。色に対して感覚やカラーハンティングという活動についてだったの。カラーハンティングというのは好きな色をどこかで見つけて、ペンキで自分で同じ色を作ろうとすることだ。私はこのコンセプトがとても気に入った。写真をとったら、実際の色にならないし、パソコンの画面によって違う色で写られるけど、自分で描いた色だったら本当の色だと確かめられる。この展示の担当者、藤原 大さん、は空の日記を作った。ということは、毎日空の色を紙でペンキで塗ることした。一年間、色がずいぶん変わるね!
DSC_0970 DSC_0973
And lastly, at the same exhibition all the visitors could post a sticker with the color they thought represents their future. Everybody seems to have a different preception of what the future looks like – or maybe they just have different futures. The sad part however was to watch how many black stickers there actually were…

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