Kyushu trip: Fukuoka 九州の旅:福岡

The last destination on our Kyushu trip was Fukuoka. It’s a city with about 1,5 million inhabitants, but never the less it’s not really famous for anything special other than food. I guess those of you who read this are much more familiar with for example Nagasaki, which population is slightly less. But Nagasaki has history, both old trade history dating several centuries back and of course also the atomic bomb history. Fukuoka feels much more urban and has more sky scrapers and impressive buildings. I had heard about several about the green buildings of Fukuoka before going there, and one of them is this Canal City Mall.
The idea about implementing more green areas with plants in cities has become more and more important lately and new technology is arising all the time. Green areas in cities are important due to many reasons. First, they have a cooling effect and in Japan the summer heat is extra fierce in the cities. Heat from machines, cars etc. is accumulated and there’s nothing to absorb it since most areas are made of concrete and asphalt. Heat strokes are becoming more and more common and for example elderly people are at risk at even dying from it.
One building that is quite spoken of even abroad is this Acros office building in Fukuoka. It was built on one of the remaining green parks in Fukuoka, so therefore the architects decided to implement as much greenery as possible. The entire terrace like front and top of the building is covered in trees and bushes. These help reduce the heat and also collects rain water reducing the risk of flooding as well as provides habitat for insects and birds. Plus, the energy consumption of the building is lower than a normal one, and the indoor climate is better. Every building should be covered in plants!
An other benefit of the Acros building is that it’s climbable and provides a pretty decent view of Fukuoka.
DSC_0749 DSC_0762 DSC_0765 DSC_0771 DSC_0780 However, after that climb in 35 degrees and sun, we were absolutely exhausted and there was nothing to do but to drink ice coffee. Again, yes.
If you ask a Japanese person what Fukuoka is known for they’d probably say ramen noodles and mentaiko. Mentaiko is marinated cod roe which is a bit spicy. We had okonomiyaki with whole pieces of mentaiko in it. It as great🙂
And some tofu, which was also great :) 豆腐も美味しかった:)
Outside Fukuoka there is a nice temple area located in Dazaifu. For me, what was special about this temple was all the huge and old trees. There were so many of them, and grass and lichen were growing vigorously on their branches. It was a nice place to walk around in, but on such a hot day I was rather thinking about ice cream than the beautiful temple buildings. Also, there’s supposed to be a God of education here. I should have bought some kind of trinket considering that I have one year left at university.
DSC_0823DSC_0858DSC_0860 DSC_0827DSC_0825 DSC_0829 DSC_0832 DSC_0841 DSC_0844 DSC_0853
In a nearby shop we found this little bird family who had decided to build their home on top of this little sign. Cute huh?

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