Liselund castle in Denmark デンマークのリセルンド城

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? At the Danish island of Møn there are besides from really nice chalk cliffs (see previous post) a cute 18th century castle called Liselund slott. It’s not really a castle, more like a fancy mansion. It has a beautiful park and the area is so calm! It was definitely worth a visit, and I really loved the garden ponds!
デンマークのMøn島に素敵な白亜の崖意外、可愛い18世紀からのリセルンドという城がある。まあ、城というよりも高級な別荘と言えることかな。周りの公園がとてもきれいで雰囲気がとても静かだ。本当にいい所だった。とくに、庭の池が素敵だった!???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? I guess that was all from the Denmark trip. As usual, I have some pictures of cute houses, of which there are plenty in every small Danish town. Actually, at the moment I’m in Tokyo. I arrived this morning and I will be here the coming 3 weeks! Right now I’m sort of jet lagged, but soon I’ll be up and running and there will be more pictures for sure!


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