Beloved early summer 大好きな初夏

This is the best time of the year, no doubt. Early summer brings so many beautiful features and it’s incredible how quick things changes outside. Suddenly the air is full of the scent of spring flowers and blooming trees….
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And just like that, the world has gone from brown and grey to green. Even the small leaf buds on the trees look like little miracles.
And once the sun is back in the garden, you can start planting and harvesting. My sister has been really busy this spring planting seeds of various herbs and also lettuce and radishes. The radishes are already big and ready to eat. It’s a wonderful feeling to go to the greenhouse, pick a radish, brush away the dirt and eat the radish on the spot.
で、日が庭に戻ったら、植えることや収穫し始められる。この春姉はハーブやレタス、はつか大根などの種を植えまくった。はつか大根はすでに食べられるほど大きくなった。温室に入って、はつか大根を一個とって、土を払い落として、そのままそこで大根を食べるのは最高だ! Exif_JPEG_PICTURE?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Another great plant you get from the garden right now is the rhubarb. We have plenty of them and they grow so fast! I made rhubarb pie and also rhubarb and almond tarts. Tasty!
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Yup, this is no doubt the best time of the year. I really hope it will stay like this now for another couple of weeks and that the summer will be great too!

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