Walking in Skellefteå on French Soles フレンチ・ソール履いたままのシェレフテオ散歩

We have a couple of national holidays again this week, and well, I’m back up north in Skellefteå. Since the town is small there is really not too much to do here. But for nature experiences like fishing, hunting, boating or whatever it’s great. Well, I prefer to just take walks though. And in perfect timing my new shoes arrived in the mail box the day before yesterday. I’m trying to buy less clothes and save my money for the Japan trip this summer. But since I have too big feet to buy Japanese shoes (they stop at around size EU38!) it’s impossible to buy any over there. Plus, these were on sale ^_^. Anyhow, this shoe brand is called French Sole and my cousin has been using them for very long. They are in general very cute and have a high quality. But what I didn’t know until the day before yesterday is that they are also extremely comfortable. Most ballerina shoes are at least somewhat tight before you have worn them for a while – but these were just perfect from the beginning. I love them already. Plus, they are so cute!
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Another nice thing is this little random house that I found. I wonder what’s in there. It would be nice to use as a summer cabin or something. But why they high flag pole? I must go there and examine it further…

One thought on “Walking in Skellefteå on French Soles フレンチ・ソール履いたままのシェレフテオ散歩

  1. Still surprised by the bare trees and late winter look. Here in BC we’re getting 30 degrees Celsius in the interior and here on the coast nothing but sunshine, flowers and green trees. Course that means weeding the garden, mowing the lawn and green house warming.

    Hope your life turns green, soon.

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