Sushi in Skellefteå シェレフテオで寿司

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I went to visit my boyfriend in Skellefteå this weekend. It had a really great time with great weather and great company. We made sushi and tried a new kind of maki roll with cucumber and salmon as wrapping instead of seaweed. It was good!
Also, since the weather was so great we went walking along the river. The ice is breaking up and floats with the stream, to finally reach the Baltic Sea. I love spring! しかも、天気が良かったから川沿い散歩してた。氷は今砕かれて、永らを追いかけて最終的にバルト海に着く。春が大好きだ!

2 thoughts on “Sushi in Skellefteå シェレフテオで寿司

    1. Actually it didn’t take so long! And we were only 3 people who ate it, so around 4-5 makis are enough for everyone =)

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