April weather 四月天気

Is there such a thing as April weather where you live? In Sweden at least, April is characterized by quick changes in temperature and it can go from sunny to snowy in a couple of hours.

Last week was very promising, sunny, getting warmer. But then, when I woke up at Saturday morning at my parents place the world looked like this. Even the letter boxes looked depressed…
But on Sunday it got fine again, most of the snow was gone, and it was warmer than it perhaps has been so far this year. A walk in the forest really did well and the sunshine cheered me and the rest of the world up.
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And just as a random comment, that doesn’t really have anything to do with April weather but still. My mum has started roasting her own muesli. And it’s sooo good! Breakfasts at my parents place are the best!

7 thoughts on “April weather 四月天気

    1. Oh Muesli is the best =) My mum roasts her in the oven at home and adds loads of tasty nuts and almonds and dried fruits such as apricots, cherries and sultanas. It’s tasty and almost a bit healthy❤

  1. Here in Vancouver the sun started to shine then we had heavy rain. The crocus came and went followed by the daffodils and tulips. It’s cold in the morning but on my way home I have to stuff some outer clothing into my bag or I’ll get too warm. April really is the cruelest month!

    1. I totally agree! It’s so hard to dress these months.. But still, it sort of sounds like Swedish summer. In daytime it’s warm, but in the night you really need to swap from shorts to jeans not to be too cold…

      1. How interesting! Of course, Vancouver is not as far north as Sweden (but we are further north than most of Japan). Edmonton, which is further north, was in my thinking quite a warm place but when I visited there I was told that the 25 Celsius high of the day was very atypically high for a summer day. But I don’t remember being cold at night when, as a child, I slept in a tent in Bonanza (Yes. That’s a real place.) Alberta, which is about the same latitude as Edmonton. I do recall, though, wondering when it was going to get dark. Back then I was too young to know about the endless daylight that you experience the further north you go.

        But I forget my point. Your response reminded me of a news item on a fellow who immigrated to Canada, from the Bahamas, I think. He said that what surprised him most about Canada was that it gets cold at night! I was quite taken back because I thought it got cold at night everywhere. Guess you can tell by this that I’m not a seasoned traveler.

        Stay Warm!

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