And then came spring そして春が来た

I decided today that now spring has officially started. Well, meteorologically no, but in my mind yes. And what counts – really?

So, what made it turn into spring all of a sudden? Warmer weather, sunshine and crocuses. And also my sudden change of mood, leaving me with urges to buy floral dresses and go for cherry blossom pink nail polish. The cherry trees are far from blooming over here. But in Japan they are, I saw proof on Facebook! と言って、なぜ春に急になってしまったの?天気が温かくなったり、晴れたり、クロッカスが出たりするのような理由もあるけど。それより、私の突然の気分変化と共についてきた花柄ワンピースを買いたがる気持ち、桜色のマニキュアをしたくなる気持ちとかで分かる。ここの桜の木はまだまだ咲いていないけど、日本ですでに咲いている。フェースブックで証拠を見たの!

I’ve had a great day today, really. Watching Japanese drama series (Saikou no Rikon – which is amazing!) while having nuts and chocolate snacks from a newly purchased bowl + coffee. Studying some Japanese vocabulary, which I have kind of taken up again since I moved to Stockholm. Also I went for this year’s first jogging round. Not too long, but never the less very refreshing. Often I get very depressed on Sundays, but today was one of the best in ages. Who knew that spending the day with only yourself can be great as well?
今日はとてもいい日だったんだ。新しく買ったボールからナッツとチョコレートを食べてコーヒーを飲みながら、日本のドラマを見てた(最高の離婚-大好き!)。そして、日本語の勉強も少しやった。ストックホルムに移動してからまたやり始めたんだ。後は、今年の最初のジョッギングに行ったの。あまり遠く走らなかったけど、とてもリフレッシュ的だった!普段は日曜日に何か落ち込むことがよくあるけど、今日は長い間の一番いい日曜日だった。一人で過ごす日はこんなにいい日になれると思わなかった!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

4 thoughts on “And then came spring そして春が来た

  1. The pictures are so lovely. Glad it was a good day~ Oh I should watch that drama…and study more too >.< Where I live right now it's been summer year round and I dislike summer now. I miss winter, your pictures always make me miss the seasons lol

    1. Oh, thank you =) I guess one always misses what one has already… I bet that as soon as spring kick in for real I’m just going to crave summer. And in the middle of July I’ll be longing for autumn knits and boots. I totally should learn better how to live in the “now”😉

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