Egg and vegetable soba 卵と野菜蕎麦

After learning how to make miso ramen the other week, I was surprised to learn that the typical Japanese soba broth was even easier to make. My Japanese cookbooks from the 80’ies are really awesome =) The only difficult step in this egg and veggie soba is how to get the egg threads right – but more about that below!

For two people you need 二人ようの材料
– Dried soba noodles for 2 二人分の蕎麦
– 900 ml water 水を900ミリ
– A handful of mushrooms (I prefer shiitake) 椎茸を一握り
– A handful of fresh or frozen spinach, blanched ほうれん草を一握り、湯通しされた
– Half a leek 一本の長ネギを半分
– 2 eggs 卵を二個
– 75 ml Japanese soysauce 醤油を75ミリ
– 75 ml mirin みりんを75ミリ
– 3/4 of one stick of katsuo dashi granules (Which equals the what’s recommended for 900 milliliters. If you don’t have katsuo dashi then you can either make your own with katso bushi or maybe use vegetable or fish broth.) カツオだしを四分の三のスティック(900ミリよう。ない場合たぶん野菜や魚コンソメでも使えるかなあ。)
Slice the leek thinly. Combine water and katsuo dashi in a sauce pan. Heat and when the granules have melted remove 50 ml of the broth and put in a cup for later. Add soy sauce, mirin, leek and shiitake to the remaining broth. Bring to a boil and cook until the vegetables are soft. Meanwhile, cook the soba incording to instructions on the package. I usually go for 4 minutes. Put soba and spinach in your serving bowl.
Crack the eggs into a small bowl or cup and whip together gently together with the water+katsuo dashi you set aside before, with chopsticks for example. You don’t want any bubbles. Now, remove the boiling broth from heat and slowly add the egg mixture in a fine stream. Stir the egg constantly but do NOT stir the broth. Wait for a minute until the egg settles. Add the egg and broth to the noodles and spinach.
And that’s it – easy, right?  出来た。簡単でしょ?:)Exif_JPEG_PICTURE

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