Mussels and french fries ムール貝とフライドポテト

My dear friend Linn came to visit me in Stockholm this weekend. We had a great time, walking around town, eating great stuff. On Friday we went with a couple of high school friends to an awesome pub that specializes in beer and aims for a touch of Belgium. Besides from Belgian beer they serve mussels and french fries, which apparently is a typical Belgian dish. Oh boy, it was amaaazing. And not so expensive either! Me and Linn shared a big pot and we couldn’t even finish it although it was delicious. The place is called Akkurat and it’s located here.
Needless to say we went to various cafés aswell. A mandatory visit to Vete-Katten while they still have semla and some places new to me. The pecan cheese cake at Barista café is dangerous…
Stockholm is really great for dining out. I just wish that spring would come soon. The last days it’s been snowing, and -10 degrees or so. I want the cold to go away…
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4 thoughts on “Mussels and french fries ムール貝とフライドポテト

  1. Oh, mussels and french fries! I love them! Bur actually I thought it was a French speciality as we ate it during our holidays in Brittany… But maybe they just copy the Belgians. French fries are the Belgian super power, aren’t they?

    1. Hm, maybe so! Or maybe the other way around =) French fries and home made mayonnaise is the awesomest combo ever!❤

    1. Great! That’s what I thought =) I’d really like to visit Belgium sometime, I’ve only heard good things about it! And the beer – oh gosh it’s amazing…

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