Bread bread bread パンパンパン

This weekend was all about bread. I baked alot and had a really nice time in general. I made cardamom rolls, one of my favourites. They turned out great!
?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????On Saturday evening we made pizza in the stove in my parents house. Since we use wood in it, I guess you can say that these pizzas are wood fired pizza. And actually, the crust got sooo crunchy! The pizzas were really small though, so it took us some while to have dinner =)
But somehow, the biggest success this weekend was the sourdough bread. My mum prepared a sourdough base 1 week before so it would have enough time to grow little yeast particles and be ready to use during the weekend. The day before I baked the bread I made a “pre dough” and then on the baking day the bread also had to rest for 5 hours. By letting the dough rest in special bowls the bread gets a nice pattern and get higher.
Fruit bread with prunes, apricots and raisins. プルーン、アンズ、レーズンのフルーツパン。

Plain bread with hazel nuts. Look at how nice the pores are. The crust is super crunchy, and even several days after baking it stays the same. Regular bread you make by yourself tends to have a yeast flavour and get boring and dry after the baking day. But sourdough bread stays is just the opposite.
I am so going to make more bread the next time I go to my parents place. There are so many ways to do variations with different nuts, fruits, seeds and whatever. Also, you can make baguettes, rolls, laofs and what ever you want to really! Oh, I can’t wait…今度実家に帰る時にもっとパンを作りたい!色々な種類が出来るし。ナッツ、種、果物などなんでもを入れてみたら面白い!しかも、形的に色々な種類が作られる。バゲット、ロールなど何でも!待てない!

2 thoughts on “Bread bread bread パンパンパン

  1. This blog brings back memories of my mother when growing up. She’d make bread and buns by thoroughly kneading the dough then placing them in the the metal troughs, ready for the wood stove. The bread would come out golden brown and was so soft. Me and my brothers and sister all looked forward to the melting butter on the warm buns, fresh out of the oven. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

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