Cooking for cousin: Green Sesame Soba 従姉妹料理:緑ゴマ蕎麦

I invented a new dish this Monday. Kind of by chance, just by examining what was in my fridge and freezer. Also, I tried to think in a health perspective (tend to do that) and I have to say the result I came up with was amazing! This is a really easy dish, and it’s sooo tasty. If you love sesame you’ll love this. And as for the nutrient content, it’s perfect for me. I’m a vegetarian, I’m a woman and I work out quite a lot. So basically I need to secure my intake of especially protein and iron. By eating eggs and soy beans I get the protein. And by eating green veggies such as spinach and broccoli I get the iron. Plus, there’s loads of other great vitamins in this dish, and the sesame seeds brings some healthy oils as if the dish wasn’t already healthy enough.

And maybe you’re started to get a bit confused about this soba. What’s it all about? Basically it’s really tasty Japanese noodles made out of buckwheat. Nowadays you can get them at any asian shop. They are quick to make and really good!

For my awesome vegetarian healthy sesame soba you need (two people):
– 100 grams of soba 蕎麦を100グラム
– 1 stalk of broccoli ブロッコリーの房を一個
– a handful of frozen or fresh spinach 一握りのほうれん草
– a handful of edamame (fresh soybeans, which are also to be found in most grocery stores nowadays) 一握りの枝豆
– 4 eggs 卵を4個
– Japanese soysauce 醤油
– Sesame oil (hopefully you can find this in your local asian market) ゴマ油
– Sesame seeds ゴマ
– Olive oil オリーブオイル
Start by steaming your broccoli and spinach in just a centimetre of water, covering with a lid. By steaming instead of boiling and then pouring out leftover water you save all the nutrients and the veggies get tastier and more nutritious. Also, cover the edamame in water and bring to a boil in a separate pan. The minute they start boiling, pour the water out and leave them to cool. While the veggies are getting warm, prepare water for the soba and boil according to the package. It usually says 4-5 minutes. You boil it like regular pasta, just shorter time.
When your broccoli and spinach is done and soft, add the finished cooked soba and give it a stir. ブロッコリーが柔らかくなったら、出来た蕎麦を加えて、混ぜる。
Crack in two of the eggs into the veggie and soba mix. Then, add 3 tablespoons of soy sauce and 1 tablespoon of sesame oil. Turn the stove up to medium heat and mix gently so that the eggs get scrambled and the sauces cover all of the soba.
Fry two eggs in some olive oil. You can chose if you like to fry on both sides. I prefer mine almost done, only fried on one side.
While waiting for the egg to fry, place the soba-egg-veggie mix on trays, and squeeze the beans out of their pods onto it.
Place the egg on top of the soba and sprinkle with sesame seeds. And then you’re done! Piece of cake – and sooo delicious!

5 thoughts on “Cooking for cousin: Green Sesame Soba 従姉妹料理:緑ゴマ蕎麦

      1. Hm, I’m not sure what typ of sauce you mean really =) I usually have soba together with tempura and dip in Japanese tsuyu. What kinds have you tried?

      2. Well, the bottle says ‘Soba sauce’. Kind of like soy sauce but meant for soba noodles. It is convient, especially in summer time. Just boil water to cook soba noodle, drain. Add soba sauce and dry shredded nori and sesame seeds! It is good for cold or hot really.

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