Some corners of Stockholm ストックホルムの角

The last couple of weeks have been nice. My boyfriend has been here in business, and we’ve had the chance to hang out a lot. We are both very into visiting nice restaurants and cafés and we spent much time doing just that. There were some good and some less good ones. To the former Petite France belongs for sure. It’s a French bakery that is supposed to be the best of its kind in town. Apparently French people residing in Stockholm see this café as their life saver since it’s the only place where you can find baguettes and croissants that taste like back home. And sure their stuff was yummie. I had an almond croissant and it was soo crunchy and just perfect. And the coffee was great too =) The café is located here.
この二週間とても良かった。彼氏は出張でストックホルムに来たから、一緒に居られた。二人とも新しいレストランやカフェに行ってみるのは好きだから、そういうことに結構時間を過ごした。いい発見とあまり良くない発見が出来た。前者のカテゴリに疑いもなく入るカフェはPetite Franceです。ストックホルムの一番いいらしいフレンチカフェだ。この町に住んでいるフランス人はそこに母国と同じ味がするクロワッサンやバゲットをよく買いに行くそうだ。とても美味しかった!私はアーモンドクロワッサンを食べて、コーヒーもうまかった。カフェの位置はここです
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Another place we tried out was café Sture-Katten. It’s supposed to be one of Stockholm’s oldest and it’s very traditional. We had lunch there, and it was good but quite expensive. Although the atmosphere was nice it feels quite run down. Sture-Katten and Vete-Katten (which is so totally my favourite café in Stockholm) are often compared equally as the two reputed and respected traditional cafés with great selections of sweets and nice interior. However, to be honest Sture-Katten felt very run down and it’s more like they’ve let the old interior be left getting time-worn. Vete-Katten on the other hand, takes care of their interior making it feel like if you actually warped back in time into when the place was first decorated, no flaws and no dirty wallpaper. Also, Sture-Katten had much higher prices and the taste was nothing close to as spectacular as Vete-Katten. I guess you know what to choose if you have those to alternatives now, don’t you =)
By the way, the other day my sweet friend Marie came to Stockholm in business and we went to Vete-Katten (surprise!!) to have a semla each. She can confirm the awesomeness and quality =)
Otherwise Stockholm is its usual old self. The snow is slowly disappearing, leaving a grey spectra that I can’t wait until spring will come and remove. Let it be soon, please!!

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