A Stockholm weekend with sweets and ice skaters ストックホルムのお菓子とアイススケートの週末

The season of the Semla is here. Finally! I love semlor. It’s a traditional Swedish pastry with marzipan and cream in a sweet bun. It’s amazing! And the best ones in Stockholm are to be eaten at Vete-Katten café. This weekend my cousin came to visit in Stockholm, and we had a great Saturday. We started off meeting up at Vete-Katten café and having a breakfast semla. Then we did some random shopping and when we started feeling a bit hungry around 3, we had amazing afternoon tea at Papa Lee’s bakery at Drottninggatan 11. 1 big sweet scone + tea + jam + cream was only 5 euros. Really cheap, considering that we’re in Stockholm. After Papa Lee’s we did some more shopping and then we went back to my place and had champagne and luxury chocolate truffles before heading to town to grab a beer or two with friends. It was a great Saturday indeed!
やっとセムラの季節になった!やった!セムラが大好き!スウェーデンの伝統的なマージパンとクリーム入りの甘いパン。最高!ストックホルムの一番美味しいセムラはVeteKattenカフェで売られている。週末に従姉妹がストックホルムに遊びに来た。とても楽しい土曜日を一緒に過ごしてた。まず、VeteKattenで待ち合わせ、朝ごはんとしてセムラを食べた。そしてゆっくり買い物して、お腹空いてきたらDrottninggatan 11にあるPapa Lees Bakeryで最高のアフタヌーン・ティーを楽しんだ。大きなスコーンプラス紅茶プラスジャムプラスクリームは600円しかしなかった。ストックホルムなら安い!その後は後少し買い物して、私の家に帰って高級なチョコレートトリュフを食べてシャンパンを飲んだ。そして、町に戻って友達とビールを飲んだ。素敵な土曜日だった:)
EEE E On Sunday the weather was crisp, sunny and extremely cold. Just some five minutes or so by foot away from my apartment there’s a lake and people are ice skating on it like crazy. There was a lot of weekend visitors and they sure seemed to have a great time. If you look at a map of Stockholm, you’ll realise that there are lakes or sea pretty much everywhere. It’s nice to live close to the nature but in a city at the same time.
On Friday I’m going home to my parents. I’m really looking forward to that. I’m going to make huge amounts of cakes and cookies and take it easy in general.

4 thoughts on “A Stockholm weekend with sweets and ice skaters ストックホルムのお菓子とアイススケートの週末

  1. Once again, it looks like you have found some delicious treats! The photos of the people ice skating reminds me of one of the things I really love about winter. Outdoor skating brings back happy memories of when I was kid. (Lately, we have had some cold weather here, too. Great for the ice!)

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