Beads and preparations ビーズと準備

The last couple of weeks I’ve been doing just about nothing, enjoying the laziness of holidays and taking it as easy as our cats on the picture above. Actually, I have reasons for this behaviour, kind of. From next week I’m moving to Stockholm to do an internship and I just moved out from my regular apartment in Gothenburg. So now, I’m just spending time and taking it easy at my parents’ place since I’m not going to uni this semester and my internship hasn’t started yet.
While in my own hoods I’ve taken the opportunity to visit my niece and hopefully I can meet some friends too before heading north to the capital.首都に行く前に、近所に居る間姪と遊びに行ったり、できれば友達に会ったりしたい。
My niece just loves beads more than anything, and her parents have really promoted hobbies where you actually do something over just playing with regular toys such as dolls and stuff. Still, as you can see she still has quite a lot of stuffed animals and other toys, but i think that activities where you use your hands and develop some kind of crafting skill can’t bring any downsides, can it? Nah, it must be purely beneficial. I’m looking forward to receiving more and more beautiful hand made jewellery from my niece as she grows older =)
EEEBesides from short trips I have actually never been to Stockholm for real so to speak. And now I’ll be going on my own to find myself in a brand new position. I’m a bit nervous but actually less freaked out than I guess I thought I would be. Maybe, as older you get the more confident you are with treating new situations and environments. Yay for getting older! I’ll write more about my time in Stockholm once I get there, and it will be good to have a lot of new things to explore, document and write about here!

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